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On-Site Update - Good News!


This lady is working with a group that is receiving money from AKC/CAR. If you wish to donate to this group go to the American Kennel Club


Just thought this post, from Gloria Geringer, re what is being done down South, forwarded from the Judge's List with permission to cross post, should comment on these amazing people. Again, this is one of the places AKC/CAR is coordinating with Joan Goldstein


Today Betty Cline, Samoyeds, and I spent the day at LSU at the Animal Shelter at Parker Coliseum where the Baton Rouge shows had been held a   long time ago. They have over 800 dogs, cats and birds. Don't know of any other exotics. I was impressed that they had a separate air conditioned room for the Brach cephalic dogs. Many volunteers walk the dogs to exercise and clean up after them. We took dogs in, registered them, cross referenced them, the vet did an exam and they were kenneled.  I also worked with the bird vet on a few parrots and we both worked at the check out desk. Many people who were leaving the Metairie area during the hurricane boarded their dogs at the Animal Hospital there.  And of course they all had to be evacuated to Baton Rouge. That whole group has been kept together and cataloged. It was easy to find the dogs for the owners, both were thrilled to be reunited.


Everyone had a story to tell. Most people had lost everything but came back to get their dog and or cat. The dogs that had gotten wet and may have been exposed to contaminated water are held in a separate area. The vets and vet techs are doing a wonderful job. The Dean of the Vet School released the 4th year students to work in the Shelter. It is open from 6am to 12pm but there is someone there 24 hours a day to received animals. A litter of 5 remaining Min Pins were brought in from far south in Louisiana by the Coast Guard. No known owner. Four were doing very well and the fifth little one we separated from the others as she was very tiny and pale gums. All received Strongid. The strong guys were very happy with the pan of food and water. The little girl I had to coax into eating. Not having a spoon to get the puppy food out of the can, I grabbed a flat head screw driver to offer her food. She was not interested in it on my finger. After a bit of coaxing, she decided she didn't have to fight to get to the food and ate off my finger. Then she had her own bowl of water and her own crate. She was in Triage when I left as she needs to be fed and watered frequently.


Although we are still very hot, many people brought fans. The smaller dogs, less than 40 lbs, are housed in the main arena and the larger dogs in the barn area. It is VERY clean with clean shavings. There is a chart on each dogs crate or stall showing each time he is walked, when the pen was cleaned and when fed and watered. And let me tell you that by noon many notations are posted for each dog. They do get great attention. Owners are encouraged to visit and walk and or feed the animal if they are in the area. Many people have found a place to stay but cannot take their pets. One lady dropped off a bunch of bananas. They were for the workers. I didn't see anyone take a break for lunch. They just work.


Be proud, folks, that you belong to such a wonderful dog family.


The Agriculture Dept along with La. SPCA. LaVet Med Assoc, LMVA, La Animal Control, LACA and our wonderful LSU Vet School have organized these efforts. The Website is