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Offers & Needs!

How YOU can OFFER or get help when you NEED it - To be included here Email Now

TheDogPlace Project: Katrina has assembled known organizations contact info below and the information will be updated as needs are met, railroads set up, and new offers come in.

OFFER: FROM BAYOU KENNEL CLUB I have been in contact with a number of South Louisiana and Mississippi Coast Kennel Club members.  I have also been contacted by major dog food companies such as Iams, Royal Canin, Diamond and Lone Star.  We are receiving calls and e-mails from all over the country wanting to know what they can do to help.  Since it is virtually impossible to communicate with the devastated areas, the Bayou Kennel Club has established a separate account at Community Trust Bank for monetary donations.  This account will be used solely and totally to assist in the animal relief effort in Louisiana and Mississippi.  The account is titled Bayou Kennel Club of Louisiana and is account # 2071819.  The bank information is Community Trust Bank, 2995 Hwy 80 W., Calhoun, La 71225. 

Following is a list of contacts that will be able to at least steer you in the right direction for their area. I have been in contact with most of them and I know that they are already helping or will help with the animal relief effort.
Greg Eschette                                     Linda Booker                                                       Lee Brown
1308 Burma Road                             141 Moss Ridge                                                  4828 Argonne St
Thibodaux, La 70301                         Pineville, La 71360                                             Metairie, La 70001
985-449-0911                                     318-641-9877                                                      504-722-8313

 Gloria Mitcham-Geringer                    Kathleen Kirby                                                     Kathie Short
P.O. Box 1163                                       480 Dudley Rd                                                     P.O. Box 997
Denham Springs, La  70727             Vicksburg, Ms 39180                                          Gulfport, Ms 39502
225-665-3707                                       601-415-6899                                                      228-863-7862

Joan Morehead                                    Scott Sommer
8675 Grover PL                                    7015 Belgold 
Shreveport, La 71115                          Houston, Tx 77066
318-797-5982                                       281-583-8000

As I am able to develop more contacts or information I will pass it on to you.  Please call me if you have any question. 
Patrick L. Booker, Treasurer   BAYOU KENNEL CLUB
476 Donaldson Rd Calhoun, LA 71225   (318) 644-4498  FAX (318) 644-4490

OFFER Nationwide Handlers for Katrina behavioral problems:

I talked to a couple of trainers here in Michigan about offering services to any Hurricane Katrina Survivors with help for their pets who are having behavioral problems associated with the hurricane. These trainers (Dawn and Lori) took it a step further, they contacted trainers by phone and e-mails throughout the US and Canada, and hundreds of trainers have volunteered their services free of charge. The only problem is trying to get this information out to the public. Since you have so many breeders who visit your site daily (some of these breeders may have owners who lived in the area's hit by the hurricane). We would appreciate any help you can provide us with. Petco has also offered to put the link on their site.  Thank you. 

Jolynn  Contact:


OFFER Crates In VA: I have a few extra crates.  Who and where should I deliver them to?  I live in Vienna, VA. Capricorn Shelties  Jan Stanley

OFFER VA Housing & "Railroad" The Shenandoah Valley Kennel Club with headquarters in Rockingham County, Harrisonburg, Virginia will help with housing animals or people carrying animals.......Anything we are able to assist with.  A donation will be forthcoming.  If you can help, Contact: Carol Noe  (540) 249-4796 --President -  Bob Anders (540) 887-2399 --Treasurer - Beth Grimm (540) 943-3766 or (540) 649-2073 - Vice President Dan Tratnack (540) 248-3443 - Secretary Carol Kniebusch Noe []  Thank You Carol, keep us informed

NEEDS Crates: The Red Cross in Lafayette, Louisiana has run a scroll on local TV, that they are in need of crates of all sizes. This is a very fluid situation down here, but it appears that they are going to be instrumental in animal rescue and safe-keeping. I do not have a contact name.   Aquamarine PWDs
(See Below)

OFFER Can Coordinate and Donate: I can coordinate collection of supplies from two small clubs--the Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities and the Therapy Dog Team for St. Andrew's Church. We can collect crates, food bowls, leashes, collars, bedding, etc. Do you need grooming supplies such as brushes, scissors, detanglers, and combs? Shampoos, etc.?  I will send to the people the information regarding collecting medical supplies from hospitals, etc. and see what we get.   What I need to know:
Where and When should items be sent?
Does it matter how they are shipped, e.g., Fed Ex, etc.?
If some people want to donate money, to whom should checks be made?   Is a cashier's check preferable?

As soon as I hear from you, I will send e-mails to the membership of these clubs. The Boards and Steering Committees have already approved the effort.   Blessings on you~  Kathryn Monroe home: 651.407.8734 cell: 651.343.2194  cc: Diane Albers

OFFER FL Railroad dogs AND horses! I live in Ocala, Fl.  I am willing to assist with transporting dogs and horses.  I have a three horse trailer, room for one or two horses to foster/keep until the owner is ready to take it or a new owner is found.  I can foster a limited number of dogs.  I can also assist at veterinary rescue points.  I am a registered nurse with experience as an animal technician and breeding manager with horses.  Please add my name to the list of people available in northern Florida to assist with the needs of the animals.  I am able to travel to Mississippi for a period of time, if needed.  Ocala, FL 34479  352-598-5782  Linda Robinson

OFFER facilities I have a kennel and 5 acres and can take in dogs, or farm animals.  If I can help   please call 815-448-5108 or 815-448-5761 Karen Munster

OFFER  money: Where should we send monetary contributions and to whom should checks be made payable?  Can't seem to locate this info on the website.  Thanks. NANCY DOUGHERTY

OFFER from KY VET: I am a small animal veterinarian in Northern Kentucky.  I would love to help.  I could take about 10 dogs or cats total.  I would be willing to go as far as Tennessee for transport. Let me know if I can help. Dr. Erin Tepe, DVM

OFFER - Everything fr PA: Hello, The Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Club, located in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are eager to offer our assistance in any way. Only, we do not know how we can help.  Cash donations - items, whatever...please let us know.  Donnamarie Bakuckas DVCCC Secretary

OFFER - where? Where should supplies be delivered?  Anne Carson

OFFER  from FL & AL. Anyone from Pensacola or Mobile Alabama doing anything? I might be able to organize and recruit people. Let me know.  Kim Sitton [

OFFER - NC  6 ACRES Refuge I have a Lama, St. Bernards and Mastiffs. all my dogs are pets. we do not breed. we have a lot of space 6 acres fenced with hotwire and chain link, but cannot get to the zero zone. I hope we can help some how. I live in Gates North Carolina.  My phone no. is 252 357-0942 - Address 440 Reynoldson Rd. Gates North Carolina. 27937 DEBBIE  LEE [

LEAVING GA. FOR TRANSPORT RUN - DROP OFF BY FRIDAY cell phone # 404-723-1389. OR 770-908-9857 to arrangement drop offs. Donations may be dropped off at our Tucker office until 3 pm Saturday. The address is: 4119 Bancroft Circle, Tucker, Ga.  Needed things you might not think of, OTC pain relief adult and children; juices, diapers, Q-tips, Band-aids, Accu Check strips, Ensure, Powdered Formula, Enfamil, Canned Milk, Air Matresses and bedding, Bug Spray, Bleach, Waterless hand sanitizer, Tents, Canned fuel, Sunscreen, Adult Bladder control pads, Colostomy Bags (Convatec Colostomy Stomahesive wafer 2 3/4; bag 2 3/4" non-filtered closed end pouch, cleaning supplies, Bicycles, Battery Powered Radios, Batteries, Canned and/or Non-perishable Food, Dog Food, Cat Food

Another Way To Help:   Allowing dogs to accompany families:  I just wrote this letter to my local California senator and hope this change will soon take place. We must stop allowing government to separate our animals from our families, not only for humanitarian reasons but for a reason I hope will have more credence with the "politicos": XXXXXXXXXXXX

Dear Senator Feinstein, I write to ask you to use your influence on an issue that is ever so much more important than it may seem to some.  Please, please encourage those currently working in the rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina to allow a family's pets to accompany their people onto the official rescue vehicles.

I will not list all the humanitarian reasons since I have no doubt you can recite them all. But please consider, too, and do what you can to help others understand, that in this day of reaction rather than considered response, to allow a child to keep his pet close to him rather than have it wrenched from his very hands would do much to build a strong and caring citizenry. I am afraid if current policies continue we will inadvertently be creating a mindset of revenge against the government in those children and families.  Thank you.  Barbara Ellen   Walnut Creek, CA

Red Cross New Orleans: donate online (pick Katrina)  
Or call
1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669)

AKC/CAR Canine Support & Relief Fund  Contributions made to the AKC/CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund are used to immediately purchase needed equipment and supplies and deliver them directly to contact centers. 100 percent of your donation goes to helping dogs in need. If you wish to make a fully tax-deductible donation, you may send it to the AKC/CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund at the address below or visit the AKC website at  Clubs and shelters in need of assistance can check the AKC website home page, contact us at or 1-800-252-7894.  See related AKC articles

Louisiana SPCA



The Florida Association of Kennel Clubs
Diane Albers
401 Cardinal Oaks
Lake Mary, Florida 32746
800 597-2987

Or go to the American Kennel Club, your local kennel club, or favorite charity that you trust will get your donation where it will actually reach those who need it!  We have sent checks directly to individuals who have desperate need and will continue to publish credible pleas for help.