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Not Allowed To Rescue HSUS-held dogs!

Editor's Note: the actions of the Humane Society Of The U.S. were "unbelievable" in 2005.  It only took us five years to get HSUS pegged!

from Donna Ashbrook

Sep 2005 / This was sent to me by a friend - a person I have known for many years. It is in response to the email I sent this morning regarding the 3 different viewpoints. I know that it is hard to believe that the entities that have been sent to help, are, in fact, doing less than that. I also know that a many people do not want to believe that these esteemed groups would be doing anything but the best. I have had doubts about many of the messages I have read, or maybe, I just did not want them to be true. In any case, the woman who wrote this is not a 'crazy' - not an alarmist - not a political hack, etc. She is a long time dog breeder and respected member of the fancy and can be believed. She sent the following:

"Donna,I have been in anguish over this situation for weeks. My Bullmastiff rescue people have been on the ground for the duration and the only thing they have been allowed to do is clean up and physically assist with the dogs. No rescue permitted in spite of their efforts.. One of these women has a 20 run kennel in south Louisiana and can easily handle the Bullmastiff rescues and also is checking the various staging areas for me for Manchesters & would take those too for me if she finds any. (So far the only black & tans she's seen are minpins & chihuahuas) There is also a (Bullmastiff owning) social worker there at Gonzalez Lamer Dixon who is keeping an eye out for both of my rescue breeds.... but there is little that can be done.


"As you read in Mark Essary's message, we had a group of Bullmastiffs that they were caring for and monitoring that were shipped out with no hint of where they were sent. Only one bitch who was ill and in quarantine was left.... Talk about heart breaking for the people who not only worked in this mess for those
Bullmastiffs but also worked for all the other dogs as well!!!!!

"Like the evacuation of New Orleans, things are horrendous and very badly run.
I don't want to point fingers or assign blame because this situation is far beyond what disasters we could have imagined and prepared for. Everyone has dropped the ball..... HSUS is basically holding dogs hostage from organized reputable groups who have the ability to relieve some of the suffering. There is a serious bias against both breeders and the purebred dogs themselves....

Remember that HSUS does have animal rights ties to PETA and others of that nature.... They need to be convinced to relent and accept help from our parent club groups so that they can better concentrate their efforts on those animals who have no advocates..... We should and need to be part of the solution...
not the problem. Political considerations have to be put aside for the good of these animals and their caregivers and owners.....

Please do contact the head of HSUS Mr Pacelli, as well as Mr Sprung and Mr Menaker, and insist that HSUS and AKC open a dialog to allow us to be able to be responsible for our own...."

signed / Gerry Shastid, District 6 Rescue

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