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Trump, Obama, Clinton and previous Presidents; their pet-positions, dogs in the White House, Agenda 21 and how politics infects Animal Rights.




Will it be Human Rights or Animal Rights in 2017?

Oath Of Office

... demands Judges uphold the Constitution but this first-hand account proves we may all be at risk.


Politics and Purebreds

President Donald Trump supports the Westminster Dog Show and loved holding Miss P, the Best In Show winnerHistory shows Presidents prefer purebred dogs but it is unlikely that President Donald Trump is aware of the political threat of Animal Rights legislation.  He is shown here holding Westminster 2015 BIS winner "Miss P"


The President's Dogs

Does man's best friend reveal Presidential personality?  President Obama never owned a dog until... well, you gotta see the photo!



Legislative Info and What NOT to Write

Why you should write or FAX, not email. Advice on how your letter can count for something.


Agenda 21 & Animal Rights

Bored with politics and animal rights? OK, but how the politics of Agenda 21 connects them will get your ears up!


Romney's Dogs

Would you strap the family dog on top of the car for a 12 hour trip? Would you feed, water, and potty the dog? Mitt did, and didn't; see this video before you vote.


Freedom Not Death

Support the Military Dog Retirement Act to save the lives of war dogs Instant Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives



Instant Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives


Churchill On Islam & ISIS

England's Prime Minister warned of ISIS-ISIL threat. 55 Muslims won political offices in 2018...


President Lyndon Johnson pulling his beagles’ ears - did this hurt the Beagle dog?  You decidePresidential Pets

Trump, Obama, and Clinton didn't have pets but there's an  interesting tradition of Pets In The White House.


Crop-Dock: American Way

The right to own certain breeds is under challenge and to dog fanciers, it signifies the Freedom of choice which has made America great.


Candidates Favored by AR Groups

Rick Santorum dropped out (again) in 2016 but which other candidates have ties to animal rights?


Rick Santorum Sponsors PAWS

in one of the worst betrayals against dog owners and the AKC Board contributes over $29,000 to him...


Rick Perry’s Position

on... radioactive drinking water (video), dog owner's rights, privacy rights, Gardasil and Coyotes.


AKC President Stands With Santorum

AKC BOARD & SENATOR RICK SANTORUM, PAWS CO-SPONSORContrary to IRS regulations for Non-Profits, Dennis Sprung actually went on the stump with Rick Santorum in PA.


Heat Alarms For K-9 Police Cars

Why dogs die quicker than humans when left in hot vehicles and what YOUR club can do to prevent such agonizing deaths.




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