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Which 2012 Presidential candidates are most favored by HSUS, PeTA and other Animal Rights groups?


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GOP Candidates Favored by Animal Rights Groups

by Dennis Foster, Executive Director - Masters of Foxhounds Association


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To Members:


Let me start by stating that the MFHA is not supporting any particular candidate.  Our membership is diverse and must make their own decisions.  We do however, believe we should keep you informed on those candidates that have HSUS support and that support the animal rights agendas.  This information comes right from HSUS's mouth and the candidates voting records.  There is no question HSUS endorses and supports President Obama and an animal rights agenda.  However, HSUS plays both parties and will support any candidate that supports their hidden agendas.


Of the GOP candidates running for office the one most strongly supported by HSUS, with funding and endorsements, is Rick Santorum.  HSUS states he is the most active in animal protection issues.  He is a leader in introducing Pet Animal Welfare Statues (PAWS) which is legislation under the guise of Puppy Mills that goes far beyond the accepted definition of a puppy mill.  We all agree puppy mills are bad, but this legislation changes the definition to effect legitimate kennels and  dog owners. Rather than the health, care and condition of a kennel it is based on the number of dogs or animals in tack with ridiculous requirements.  He is a leader in legislation to fund stricter animal welfare laws.  Legislation that often is not needed if local and state laws are enforced.  Santorum's proposed legislation only makes it more expensive and difficult to own a dog.


He voted to stop horse processing for food exports.  The USA has 140.000 horses each year now going to Canada and Mexico for horse processing and thousands of horses let loose, neglected and suffering here in the USA because nobody wants them and all the alternatives are overburdened.  Even PETA now says we need to start humane horse processing back up in the USA because too many animals are suffering being transported to other countries or let loose to starve.  While HSUS still fights to stop all horse processing and has no plan to take care of the 140,000 horses EACH and EVERY year that no one wants.  Santorum, Perry and Huntsman get HSUS strongest recommendations although Perry and Huntsman seem to be out of it.  Santorum is HSUS's clear GOP choice.


HSUS has little love and no support for Newt Gingrich, who supports hunting and zoos, or even less for Mitt Romney who they are doing a major campaign  to get animal lovers to vote against him for keeping his family dog in a dog box outside the family vehicle during a trip.  Romney loves animals, is pro hunting, he and his wife love horse events.  According to HSUS he did not distinguish himself on animal issues important to HSUS.


Some of you may not agree this is an important issues, but the MFHA Board of Directors believes our members need to know which candidates do or do not support foxhunting's lifestyle.


Good hunting,


Executive Director

Masters of Foxhounds Association #153



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