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This is the THIRD report we have provided on a Diamond Dog Food product but there are other reasons to select your dog food carefully and to use natural and raw food whenever possible.  The canine digestive system is perfectly capable of handling natural bacteria found in decomposing meat but it is NOT capable of handling the toxins in many manufactured dog foods!  According to reports, Diamond is unresponsive to the losses of dog owners.  We are updating info on prepared foods but in the meantime, we recommend "BARF" and table feeding!


March 2006 - MORE on Diamond Dog Food

You may think the Diamond food scare is over, or that only a limited amount of product is involved. Not so. On Monday, March 6 - after 3 feedings of Diamond's Premium Edge Chicken, Rice and Vegetables - we almost lost 3 of our 4 GSDs. The only reason it didn't effect the 16 week old is because we kept her on other feed. Within 20 minutes of ingesting their dinner, 2 of the dogs proceeded to vomit dark green undigested food and within another 2 minutes they were foaming at the mouth and stiff-leg gaiting. Another 5 minutes and they were having what I - as a nurse - would refer to as petit mal seizures.

After a traumatic night at the local emergency clinic, the diagnosis was "food intoxication from Premium Edge kibble".

The following day, upon contacting Diamond in Meta, Missouri, I was assured they would work with me in this and stand behind their product....the reimbursement for any and all vet care, etc was also discussed. Upon asking for financial assistance for a test Diamond requested at Cornell ($300.00/dog minimum) - a test that per my vet and those at Cornell said was a CYA call on Diamond's part - they changed their mind on "helping out". I refused that particular test, awaiting results from another analysis on samples.

Notification came yesterday from University of Missouri Vet Met Diagnostic Lab: "Each of the four submitted samples of dog food contained approximately 0.5 ppm of vomitoxin, as detected by thin layer chromotography...".

Judging from no reference to this on Premium Edge's website incredible how many products Diamond makes but very difficult to trace back to them - each feed/product seems to have it's own website/contact), no contact as of yet from Diamond and certainly no "standing behind" their product it appears they are not overly concerned about their consumers.

Research your food thoroughly. If it is even remotely related to Diamond - DO NOT FEED!! If you are so inclined, please write concerns to Diamond - you can reference me if so desired. My particular contact was Dr. Brookshire, Director of Veterinary Services.

Christine Buff, Sr. K9 Handler/Trainer, Highland SAR
Member, Rescue International - K9 Director, New York State Federation of SAR