The best dog food you can feed your dog is fresh meat, fed with lot of love!  High protien, no soy, no corn kibble (dry dog food) is the next best dog food and the cheapest.  Learn what seperates good dog food from bad canine nutrition in this complete section.


How to avoid food-related digestive, weight, and allergy problems caused by canned or dry dog food.  We guarantee this will simplify your life, reduce your vet bills and your dog will thank you for taking time to learn what nature intended him to eat.





Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher


This information is for dog owners who hate to cook and dogs that love to eat! Relish that thought as you discover easy, inexpensive, raw food treats for the carnivore in your dog.


Think.  You know that cooking destroys valuable enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants.  That's why these recipes are so quick and easy.


So here are my best dog recipes for healthy, easy-to-prepare doggy treats because you know that your dog’s greatest reward, other than love, is food. These raw food treats appeal to the gourmet carnivore - but you may have to help him break the junk-food habit and withdraw from the addictive chemicals in commercial dog foods.  Seriously!


Chicken-Hearted Delight

3 chicken wings UNCOOKED (hearts or gizzards may be substituted)


Cover and allow to reach room temperature (never microwave)


CHICKEN WINGS ARE GOURMET TREATS FOR YOUR DOGGather dogs with the “cookie call” signal


Tease dog by allowing it to sniff the delectable treat


Toss wing towards dog being sure dog is prepared to catch and can see the wing flying towards him.  Pun intended.


4 wings serves one 100# dog or 1 wing per Toy breed dog.  Best served outside, in crate or kennel run.  If given in place of regular meal of chemically treated dry food meal, use 1 raw chicken leg quarter for giant-size dog, 1 thigh for medium sized breed or 1 whole wing for toy or small breed.


Pig Party

1 medium size pig’s foot blanched but UNCOOKED.


Cover and allow to reach room temperature (never microwave)


Gather dog(s) with the “cookie call” signal and go outside to yard or outside kennel


Tease dog by allowing it to sniff the delectable treat

Allow dog to snatch the foot from hand


Smile as dog devours the wrongly dubbed “forbidden” treat.


1 foot serves one large-sized dog and may be limited to one foot per week.

Beef Burger Stir Fry

1 pound regular hamburger (drain some but not all fat)

2 chopped or minced carrots

1 green or red bell pepper

Vegetable left-overs (broccoli, green beans or peas)

1 Cup cooked brown rice (or egg noodles will do)

1 tsp garlic power and dash of iodized salt.


Sauté carrots in olive oil, add meat and peppers, sauté until fat melts but some pink remains, add remaining ingredients and stir until thoroughly warm.


Top this dish with fresh sliced apples or reserve fruit for dessert.


Serve immediately.


Dogs Thrive On Forbidden Fruit

DOGS LOVE FRUIT, TRY APPLES, BANNANAS & GRAPESIf this is the first time you have served fruit to your dog, it is best introduced as a treat given from your portion. Toss your dog Thompson, green, red, or black seedless grapes.  If you believe fruit is toxic even when pesticides are washed off, you shouldn't eat them. Grape skins may need piercing in order to release the sweet juice so your dog knows it is food. Some dogs will eat skin and all, others will patiently remove the skin and spit it out.


Prepare apples, grapes, or cherries by soaking in 2 cups cool water with ¼ cup vinegar or 1 Tbsp Clorox to remove pesticides and bacteria. Soak 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly, place on paper towel to drain.


Then experiment, tossing grapes, small chunks of apple, banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, etc. Reserve citrus for yourself although some dogs love oranges and tangerines.


Fish For The Finicky

NORTHERN BREED DOGS LOVE CANNED OR FRESH FISH!If you have a northern breed, his dietary heritage was fish, something he will quickly recognize. An Akita breeder-judge, visiting from Japan, was amazed that we Americans deprived the breed of fish (and rice.) Siberians, Malamutes and Samoyeds will take to seafood like a fish to water. Pun intended.


Meet the Editor and Author Barbara J. "BJ" AndrewsThere’s no culinary secret here. While cooked fresh fish is always best, your dog will settle for canned salmon, mackerel, tuna, even herring and sardines packed in water. Do not feed raw fish due to flukes and other contaminants. Sorry, no Sushi for your dog.


Open the can. Drain salty juices. Serve on platter or in dog bowl if this recipe is to be part of regular meal. You can try it with other breeds including toys but their instinctive reaction may be disinterest.  Toy breeds are not inherently attracted to fish.


The simple fact is, you might want to substitute insects or mice in this recipe for toy dogs.

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Food Contaminants

Imagine poultry processing with a hormone-free meat supply.

Imported Pet Food

The FDA can’t stop deadly ingredients in human or dog food.

GMO Cat-Fish? We want honesty in both human and pet food labeling.

GMO Food Deception

Honesty in food labeling?  Organic isn’t the same as GMO-FREE!

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