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Like many owners, she couldn't afford the hospitalization costs. Read this inspiring account of natural diet and home treatment that saved her dog's life - and pray you will never need this information.




Lynn Wiggins / - July 2014


May 13th, 2014 partial extract from email: "My dog in acute renal failure after eating possibly 1/3 of a 1lb. Box of raisins. I also caught another dog eating a few. He is fine but the other dog is on IV - I hope his kidneys recover."


Editor: Lynn, raisins are different than grapes due to the curing process. The only "ingredient" I could find in raisin was sulphur dioxide. Let me know how he does and what the vets find out.  In the meantime, we will publish your story so that people can learn from your experiences.  Sending a prayer for your strong dog, good vets.


May 18th, "After going chronic, Brick recovered. Only through prayers I have to say. He was home on fluids. No $$$ for vet stay. After 8 hours shivering convulsions and dry-heaving, my face on the floor crying and praying... He suddenly turned around.


May 21st,That was Thursday. We live in a house with no heat or water. Offered by a friend ... so I can keep my critters. My back a mess, they say I need fusions. We are doing fine ... just things a little hard and odd. LOL its like camping I say.


He is eating on his own after being syringe fed baby food. A friend brought a bag of fluids Thursday. Brick is weak but going for short walks. Good poops. Dehydrated - not drinking enough. On baby food, sweet potato mixed veg. and Turkey rice, oatmeal made with low sodium chicken broth. Praise God.  Believe me I did. Face down in front of the altar at church that day in thanks.


May 30th, 2014 - Brick crashed again the following Thursday. His blood toxicity so high it couldn't be read. I was told to put him down or try a 3 day ICU stay. Got some fluids and shot to stop the vomiting, took him home.


He is eating drinking on his own now.  He is going for increasingly longer walks. Happy hungry sassy. Hoping for complete recovery... God bless.


June 6th, 2014 - My dog Brick doing very well. On special diet prepared by me at the church kitchen. Brown rice, kale (k2), squash, carrot, salmon, chicken thighs, and ground flax. Still juicing him with beet root, and giving Tums as phosphate binder.


Vets don't tell you anything.


His breath doesn't smell like garbage anymore. He didn't have bubbly pee today. Hungry! Wish I could put the meat back on him.


Praise God! Kidneys are starting to work. I just can't gum up the works in the meantime.


June 18th, 2014 - Brick doing very well. Showing signs of full kidney function. I can't afford to have him tested but he has less protein in his urine, not bubbly, more often. It is turning to yellow which I assume means he is filtering more. Went his previous distance today no problem.


Now just trying to keep weight on him and not gum up the works. He lost a lot but thankfully not emaciated. He was a burly boy.


I make his food, can't afford KD (Kidney Diet canned food). Research, lots of research. Vitamins K2, D, A, C, Omega 3, luteine, phosphate binders, kale, carrots, butternut squash, brown rice, chicken thighs, salmon, and ground flax, and a stick of butter.  I mix in beet root powder and Tums before serving. (I had Spaghetti O's with bologna, LOL)


June 24th, 2014 - In hindsight, knowing what I know now. I knew raisins may make him ill, I didn't know it could kill him. I would have given him peroxide to make him vomit. As far as treating his kidneys, I would have started juicing him with carrot juice and beet root to unblock them. No sweet potatoes, excellent nutrition but high in phosphates, no no!


Chicken thighs have less phosphates then breast, salmon with skin and bones (canned) also and omega 3s and Tums, a phosphate binder plus calcium. Calcium is leached from the marrow in this condition. This same calcium builds up in the blood also. K2 which kale has enormous amounts of, helps remove the calcium from the blood which effects the heart. The diet has a reason for each choice. To give his body nutrition it needs with the least contamination, or to decontaminate, and aid digestion. Like brown rice, not enriched white, extra vitamins his kidneys may not process poisoning his blood.


This is for chronic kidney failure. As he improves I will reduce the amount of kale, increase protein, butter. Easily processed high in protein low in phosphate. Not true with other dairy products! If I could afford them I would have him on probiotics also.


Editor: We hope none of our readers ever need this home treatment but with vet costs going through the roof right along with pet insurance premiums, owners are proving to be very inventive.  What works works and obviously this lady of great faith and ingenuity seems to have found solutions through research.


If you have advice for successful outcomes, or if you lost your dog to any kind of poison, please share your experience with other dog owners. Email the Editor #1310155



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