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From the Puppy Mill State of former Senator Rick Santorum (co-sponsor of PAWS) PA Gov. Edward G. Rendell speaks on Animal Law.





PA GOV. RENDELL'S PUPPY MILL LAWFeb. 2009 | Rendell is also being “mentioned” as a viable Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential race. Many worry that, like PA Senator Rick Santorum, Gov. Rendell has been influenced by HSUS.


Perhaps, but this sounds like progress.  About Animal Law in Pennsylvania, Gov. Rendell says "Thanks to the hard work of many dog lovers and the leadership of members of the General Assembly, there is a bright future for dogs in Pennsylvania."


"Pennsylvania has long-suffered the label `Puppy Mill Capital of the East,' primarily because of the horrific, but sadly legal, conditions in some of our state's worst dog breeding kennels. We are changing that with this new law,”

"Within one year, Pennsylvania will be a leader in the treatment of dogs in commercial breeding kennels, shedding our shameful reputation. We want to provide a measure of reassurance that when a family welcomes these lovable pets into their home, the dogs are healthy and happy."

Act 119 addresses the health and welfare needs of the dogs housed in large commercial breeding kennels by requiring these operations to meet the new physical standards for cage size and flooring within one year, unless granted a temporary waiver by the Department of Agriculture.

Among other protections for dogs, the new PA law

doubles the minimum floor space for dogs, eliminates wire flooring, and requires exercise that is at least as good as unfettered access to an exercise area twice the size of the primary enclosure. The previous law did not require that dogs ever be taken out of cages, no did it provide for access to exercise areas. The wire flooring allowed under the previous law breaks down easily and destroys dogs' feet over time.

The bill also requires veterinary examinations for each dog twice per year.

The requirements for other types of kennels, like sporting and hobby dog kennels, are virtually unchanged. These entities do not operate with the purpose of breeding large quantities of dogs to sell for profit although we all know there are exceptions to that assumption. But better to under-regulate a few than over-regulate everyone.


reference: NC Responsible Animal Owners Assoc. (NCRAOA)

Rick Perry's Texas HB 1451 the animal rights backed bill may become NATIONAL law in 2013! 




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