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Federal & State Laws that usurp our legal Rights are often driven by animal "rights" and animal "welfare" organizations, learn about HUMAN RIGHTS vs. ANIMAL RIGHTS




Trotting Along

The human-canine bond surpasses any other relationship we have with any other animal.


Tom Vilsack AG Secretary Again

New President Biden appoints Tom Vilsack, known as a non-pet owner, to run the Dept. Of Agriculture.



Evolution Of Dog Breeders

Can Animal Rights born in the 60s override America's Constitutional Rights of 1787, the envy of countries around the world?


New View, Animal Rights 2021

Putting animal rights over human rights may be justified because so many humans act like marauding predators.



USDA/Aphis Flow Chart

Confused about the new APHIS regulations? See this chart!


Anonymous complaints to APHIS, the newly empowered animal inspectionAPHIS Anonymous

This rule allows your worst enemy to sic animal control on you!


Amicus Brief

Free info on how dog clubs can join other animal owners to preserve our legal rights, Video included.


Wolf's Worst Enemy

Staggering statistics and facts about the only species that adopted man.


Pet Shop Bill Affects All

Will this legislation impact purebred dog hobby breeders and will it spread?


Teaching Animal Rights

Dr. Lee says we need to understand how other religions regard animals.


1-Click CONTACT Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives


Florida Law Bans

Public contact with wild animals and your child's tenuous connection with nature in today's concrete jungle...


Deer First, Dogs Next

The oil industry's frightening impact on the animals we cherish.


Freedom Not Death

The NetPlaces Network helped stop the killing of "retired" military dogs.


Dogs Serve America Index

K-9 Corps, Military Service Dogs, the "dog soldiers" that protect our military, guard our borders, and heal our veterans.


K-9 Veteran's Day Petition

Take 20 seconds to sign this petition. Your dog would do it for you...


Veterans Day 11-11

A photo-tribute to those who became famous AKC dog show judges, Capt. Haggerty, Larry Downey, Col. Pede...


Animal Rights Over Humans

Legal look at twisting words to destroy our Constitutional Rights.


Eating Our Dogs

Has our population shifted so much we need laws to keep us from eating our pets!


House Farm Bill H.R. 1406

prohibits slaughter of pets for human consumption, a cultural shift...


Legal Defense Plan and Video

Be prepared when animal control officers try to confiscate your dogs.


Hobby Breeders OUT!

Subversive Anti-American legislation is popping up like infectious boils...


**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation with The NetPlaces Network.


National Service Dog Day

Support July 3rd as NSDD to honor Hearing, Seeing, Police, Sentry, Therapy dogs and all Search and Rescue dogs.


Animal Rights Laws & History

What does 1968 Russia have to do with the 1970s AR movement?


Could too few USDA inspectors mean a huge $$$ inspection deal for AKC or HSUS?Who Will Inspect Breeders?

Will APHIS outsource to HSUS? Here's what AKC, UKC & NCA said about your privacy.


Human Rights vs. Animal Rights

Animal cruelty laws shred the Human Rights, Yale law professor advice...


Breed Specific Legislation

All-breed judge responds (VIDEO) to reporter on BSL and Dog laws.


ASPCA Violates Breeders

Your private personal information and photos on the ASPCA website? What?



Step in the courtroom on behalf of hobby dog breeders opposing HSUS.


Hive Mentality of Animal Politics

Riots, people swarming like insects, protesting basic human rights...


Aphis Updates

The HSUS-USDA-IRS plot to expose personal financial records and...



Learn about the politics behind Animal Rights and interesting facts about our Presidents, past, present, and future!


Legal discrimination is killing a chicken to eat but legislating against what they were bred to do.Animal Law Discrimination

Why animal owners must legally challenge laws that discriminate by breed.


Million Calls To End HSUS' Terror

How legislation gets passed; attorney spells out what to do.


PUPS Assault

The Puppy Uniform Protection & Safety Act will pass...


PUPS Attack On Dog Breeders

the 2011 Act was defeated but then became 2013 APHIS Regulation!!!


HSUS Settles Federal Lawsuit

Ordered to paying Ringling Bros Circus $15.75 million! details...


USDA/APHIS Injunction

Federal attorney on Court action to stop implementation of APHIS Rule.


Domestic Terrorist Index

ALF & ELF = FBI's #1 domestic terrorists but we rank HSUS, PETA, ASPCA as the most politically subversive groups


PUPS Legislation From HSUS

has the most sponsors in recent memory and is designed to diminish YOU.


PUPS - Proposed Federal Law

Mandates better care in kennels than in nursing homes!


PUPS: The HSUS Sneak Attack

Worse than PAWS, HR 5434 affects one-litter breeders!


HSUS fought for legislation to shut down slaughter houses, causing inhuman death of thousands of horses.War Against Animal Rights

Opposite agendas, Judge says animal "rights" retard animal welfare.


Billboards Expose AR Groups

What if pet supply & food companies exposed HSUS, PETA, and AR?


Overview of the PPA Act

from the Pet Industry Joint Council


Animal Rights Defined

The public is confused and lawmakers dangerously misled by terminology.


HSUS Non-Profit Status

Members of Congress who are above “lobbying” payoffs, looking into HSUS.


Evolution Of Dog Breeders & AR

How animal rights of the 60s threatens dog breeders today.


Animal Rights Stealth Exposed

HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA go after lobbyists and government agency.


Metaphor For AR Legislation

When animals are illegally seized and sold under the guise of “rescue”?


1-Click CONTACT Information for ii YOUR Government Representatives



If you oppose AR and support IRS investigation, know these initials!


Protect Free Internet Access

House & Senate Bill to restrict your access.


1992 Canine Chronicle Predicts

the conspiracy and breeder apathy led to today's political debacle.

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