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In a perfect example of the above title, consider this:


ALERT! Whittier CA ordinance to mandate spay-neuter of any dog over 4 months - unless owner buys intact animal license... sounds like The Mob has gone legal…





Whittier, CA ordinance to mandate spay-neuter of any dog over 4 months - unless owner buys intact animal license... agreed to alert CA subscribers so that no one misses what is happening again - and again - across America, the land of the free and the seedbed of opportunity.


The City of Whittier will again consider an ordinance on Tuesday, August 11th,  that will adopt the County of Los Angeles’s animal control code, including the provisions mandating sterilization of any dog over four months unless the owner qualifies for and purchases an intact animal license. The item was scheduled for a hearing back in April but was deferred because of the number of interested speakers and the length of the council agenda that evening.

source CFODC

Fads, Fashion, and Films originate in CA. It is also one of the leading states in the advancement of the political agenda cleverly called "animal rights". CFODC, the California Federation Of Dog Clubs has been successful in stopping some of the worst legislation that would otherwise spread like a cancer across the country.


Unlike Vegas, nothing stays in Sacramento. The "animal rights" movement wasn't born in CA but it definitely grew up there. Did you know the AKC Signature dog show, the AKC/Eukanuba Classic was held in Long Beach CA, the city that bans breeding and initiated the worst animal rights legislation in the entire U.S.?


That is an irony worth considering no matter where you live but if you are in California, you need to thank the volunteers at CFODC for tirelessly fighting to protect your rights.


CFODC simply sent us their notice. Our staff said "we can do more than just run the notice." Please go to their website and do what you can to help them fight for your ownership rights. And you might also want to drop a note to the people who hold it together for you, no matter where you live. has followed CFODC for many years. They actually show up at hearings. The Federation does a lot more than pontificate on legislative chat lists - they walk the halls in the capitol building.

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From every dog breeder (and dog!) we say

Chuck Bridges, President

Judy Coffman, Vice President

Geneva Coats, Secretary

Jamie Winton-Rudolph, Treasurer

Janice Anderson, Director

Jan Dykema, Director

Carol Hamilton, Director

Teri Kahn, Director

Carole Raschella, Director


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