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In 2015 we stopped killing military dogs that had outlived their usefulness but in 2019 we need K-9s, bomb-sniffing and police dogs to fight terrorism in America!





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2019 started out with more "strange" events and the last 2 years of terror attacks, shootings and mass transit sabotage suggests we may need to alert retired police and military dog handlers for call-up duty. and Military dog sites saved the lives of our canine heroes but bookmark or save this Current Congressional contact information .  Then see links to current acts of suspected terrorism.

Military dogs suffer the same blazing sun, war wounds, and death as our brave organized support for Military Dogs (K-9s) in 2002 when one of our Charter Members sent proof that retirement for most Military Working Dogs ended in death or being “left for adoption in the country where their service ends.


The Max movie opened eyes (and hearts) for millions of Americans. Our readers, over 1.2 million last year, helped achieve passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act in the National Defense Authorization Bill giving first adoption priority to civilian Law Enforcement Agencies, then to prior military handlers, and finally to the general public.


    (a) Adoption of Military Working Dogs.--Chapter 153 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following new section: "'Sec. 2582. Military working dogs: transfer and adoption at end of useful working life."'


ii S. 1498, Military Dog Retirement Act was introduced in the Senate June 3, 2015 “to support veterans and military dog handlers by ensuring that military working dogs come home to the United States after they have been relieved from their service in combat roles overseas.”


ii H.R. 2742, the Military Dog Retirement Act was introduced in the House on June 11, 2015 "to require that military working dogs be retired in the United States, and for other purposes ..."


Mine Detection Dog (MDD) searches suspected mine field in AfghanistanThe Military Dog Retirement Act required the Department of Defense to arrange and "pay for transportation of trained military dogs back to the United States" when their service abroad has been deemed no longer necessary, including because of injury.  Most military dogs can be adopted. While some dogs are aggression trained, most are used for sentry, tracking, and as MDD (Mine Detection Dogs), many have been adopted by American families or put to work in police and sheriffs departments across the U.S.


Thanks to our Charter Members, the Huffington Post, coverage on War Dogs  Killed In America, Pets For Patriots, and other supporters, the Military Dog Retirement Act finally passed in 2015 and was signed by President Obama.


Our duty to K-9s, their handlers, and our veterans is ongoing. We need your help again. Our good friend Joseph White was the Founder of the K-9 Veterans Day memorial holiday. is honored to carry on his effort to make K-9 Veterans Day a National Holiday.  PLEASE, sign the petition and make it happen in 2019!!!


If you are a veteran with a story, or have personal experience with a military K-9 or assistance dog, EMAIL THE EDITOR!

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