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It's All About Support! Supporting Each Other, Dog Breeders, AKC, our Rights, and Legislation, by Linda Witouski



Dog people tend to be their own worst enemy and sadly, they are doing a good job of it. You still have the freedom to choose to make a difference. I, and all the others that have been working to protect all dog owners in this country, hope you'll make the right decision.

Too many dog people are unable to work with others who share the same feelings, whether they are a hobby breeder, AKC show breeder, or a high volume breeder. It's an elitism attitude that keeps those who share a concern to "save our rights" from working together on issues that could preserve our rights – and save our dogs. It's the refusal to set aside issues of husbandry, breeding practices and selfishness that will cause the demise of the very sport we’re so passionate about.


Linda WitouskiWe constantly use animal rights1 phrases such as "puppy miller" and "back yard breeder", names that were coined by the animal rightists to use against us. We use those same animal rights names for fellow breeders! The animal rights crowd loves the fact that the dog owning, showing, breeding fancy can't seem to live in peace and harmony - it's one of their greatest weapons, created for just the purpose it seems to serve.

How many times have we seen a fellow breeder wind up with too many dogs and they need assistance (for a variety of reasons such as age, health, loss of job, confiscations, et al) yet people in the very same breed, don't bother to help - in fact, they gossip about it and refer to the person using animal rights terms, in fact, they have even created their own AR term of "show millers". We're supposed to support and help each other, not assist in running our fellow dog breeders down. You may not agree with something they do or the way they do it, but they are still our fellow breeders and if they need help, in order to preserve our OWN integrity and rights, we should help as much as we can (and keep quiet about it) - but people don't.

The story becomes compounded (to the delight of the animal rightists) by spreading it further. That only helps those who intend to take your dogs away, rather than helping the poor soul whose dogs need help. We may not agree with their practices, but that is something to be considered later, once we have managed to solidify our position to continue to do what we do. All else will cease to exist if we don't start working together and put aside feelings.

I have been passionate about this for way over a decade2 and I have learned that there are those that simply choose to remain uninformed. It's not because the information is not available to them  - they just don't care  to become involved and don't believe it could happen to them. Others are concerned but don't know what to do or perhaps they really don't understand what every breeder is going to face, and soon!

Supporting Legislation and AKC


I just returned from the AKC Delegate meeting and it's dismal. At this time last year, registrations were 1.5 million and currently, for this year, they are 750,000 and continuing on a downward spiral. The AKC has acknowledged that the future is becoming dim and the possibility of them remaining the reigning registry of the world may soon be history. Though that may not mean much to some of you, it should.

If the AKC continues to lose ground, they will also lose face in other areas, including having "clout" regarding legislation. The word of AKC and AKC breeders will mean nothing to legislators or the general public. AKC pups will be worthless, right along with AKC dog shows, titles and awards. Although some profess that they don't want to be "thrown in the pile with those other breeders", it's ironic that because of apathy, you will become just what you dislike.

The end of the sport, and your passion for same, will be visible on the horizon. The choice will have been made for you.

– Linda Witouski


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The choice may come down to having only a couple of animals....or none. Without assistance from the AKC and the dog owning, dog loving, rights loving, freedom of choice loving, competitive people, rest assured, somebody will soon be relieving your burden of worry about:  how many dogs you can have, if any, what kind, where to get them, how many times you can breed a dog, if at all, what vet to use, how many permits you will need to own/breed a dog, at what age your dog has to be spayed/neutered, the type of living arrangements required, what kind of records you must have and who gets copies of them, the list will go on, making it impossible - monetarily, mentally and physically - to consider owning any animal.


When they knock on your door3 with a notice that you must "get rid" of all but 3 dogs, which ones will you choose to keep and how will you feel watching the others loaded into a truck dispatched for some shelter? How will you react to five or six people going through your home, inspecting every corner and crack, because somebody complained about your dogs? That’s all it will take. How much can you afford for citations, lawyers fees, shelter costs and how will you ever recuperate from the heartache?

Forewarned is forearmed4 sooner or later, somebody will be making your choices for you and when that happens, there is nobody to blame but yourself. The support, the information and people to help you protect your dogs and preserve your Rights were there for you but they can’t help you now!


Linda Witouski
AKC Judge & Delegate
AKC SC Legislation Representative
Legislation Chair, BOD & Delegate - Myrtle Beach Kennel Club, Inc.
Legislation Chair - Miniature Pinscher Club of America, Inc.
Legislation Chair - Yankee Miniature Pinscher Club, Inc.
SC Camo Coalition Steering Committee
SC Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses
Legislation Editor & Investigative Reporter –
State Of Mine Legislative Editor – NetPlaces, LLC
Co-Author - Monthly National Legislation Report
Owner: SC Animal, Sportsmen & Wildlife Voting Coalition


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