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Authoritative information on Federal bills, UN-civil ordinances, anti-pet, anti-breeder, pet limit & spay-neuter laws, taxes.  We're doing our part to fight the onslaught of laws pushed by HSUS, SPCA, and PETASee our Projects Page


- received from ADOA


Florida HB451: requires statewide mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats by 2010 It provides exceptions, requires licensure of non-sterilized; rules for approval of breed registration organizations; provides penalties, deletes provision extending time for sterilization, authorizes surcharge on civil penalties. Owners must have them sterilized by a licensed veterinarian at 4 months of age. 


Illinois Breeders Bill… a bill that would regulate dog breeders by requiring breeder licensing for anyone who maintains three or more females (even if they are not bred) "for the purpose of the sale of their offspring." The bill would also mandate unannounced inspections, fingerprinting, and require breeders to pay an unspecified license fee.


Montana HB 191 is a state-wide pit bull ban!  Hearing scheduled for Jan. 22nd.  Any dog registered as any bull breed or that “has the physical characteristics that substantially conform to the standards established for the breeds” according to AKC or UKC. Seized dogs will be euthanized in ten days unless the owner can prove that the dog is not a pit bull…


For complete details on these and other Legislative Alerts, go to American Dog Owners Assoc.

Editor's Note: If these examples scare the hell out of you, get your tail out from between your legs and fight back! 


Join a local or state legislative group.  If there isn’t one, get on the phone and call every dog, cat, and horse breeder you can find.  Use the phone book, classified ads, veterinary bulletin boards, internet, show mags, you know, the same tools the AR people use.  Get organized locally but most of all, align yourself with and SUPPORT a national organization. Here’s one we recommend.


The Canine Defense Fund was organized in 1984 by representatives of the American Dog Owners Association (ADOA), the American Kennel Club (AKC), the United Kennel Club (UKC), the Staffordshire Club of America (STCA), and the National American Pit Bull Terrier Club (NAPBTC).  The Canine Defense Fund (CDF) is an independent entity, incorporated in New York State in 1989. In 1994, the Fund's scope of activities was expanded to include working against any proposed legislation detrimental to the hobby breeder.


Since inception, the Fund has collected $928,986 in donations but has spent over $1,163,898 in legal fees and costs defending your right to own whatever breed of dog you choose. All donations have been from individuals, dog clubs, and the United Kennel Club. From 1988 through 1994, the American Kennel Club actively supported the Canine Defense Fund by matching donations until 1994 when AKC ended the Matching Fund Program.


For more info on the fund, go to American Dog Owners Assoc., call 1-888-714-7220 or send a check to:

P.O. Box 41194
Fredericksburg, VA  22404


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