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Subversive Anti-American legislation is popping up like infectious boils and everyone agrees, those laws put Animal Rights above Human Rights.





Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


Younger veterinarians are turning against cat and dog breeders who once were their client base. Today’s veterinarians are supported by owners of stray and “rescues” because everyone knows purebred pets are so “unhealthy” and “badly bred”. It was a hot topic at the CFA shows last week!


The brain-washed public is not aware that purebred animals are being legislated against. There were exhibitors at the show from a dozen states and we all agreed it was happening everywhere.


When I told them “dog people” think it is just about them one lady hissed! She was kidding but us cat people know what she meant. We talked about “Animal Rights” groups using zoning and other restrictions to stop us from producing purebred cats for discriminating people. Fala from TX told us about a bulletin from the Cavalry Group and I looked it up.


Regional Animal Services want a rule to require Fairwood Pet Center, the ONLY pet store in King County CA, to post the name, address, and USDA license number of breeders who supply the animals in their store.


The new “CA pet store rule” makes detailed source information available to kitten and puppy buyers – or anyone posing as such! The Cavalry Group[1] says “The real benefactors of this private information are the animal rights extremists who intend to use (it) to bring harm to the breeders.


I did some research when I got home.  Assembly members, Patrick O’Donnell and Matt Dababneh, wrote a bill stripping the rights of business owners who offer purebred pets for sale. In October 2017, California passed the A.B. 485 pet store law “requiring pet stores to sell rescue animals only” which was happily signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. Just think about it.


Animals so neglected that they wound up in a shelter are now mandated as the primary source of “pets for sale” in pet shops!


With due respect to my many friends in California, only a left-coast animal-allergic person could believe that an animal abandoned to a shelter is a better choice than one bred by a conscientious breeder or even a commercial puppy mill.


Common sense says a kitten or puppy mill “product” is supposed to be certified healthy when sold to the pet shops but is every rescued dog or cat vet checked? And who tests the rescued animal’s health, temperament, and suitability for families with children?


A law forbidding the sale of “dogs, cats and rabbits … commercially raised in “puppy mills” or “kitten factories” (New York Times) implies they are riskier, sicker, or mentally damaged than one that was abandoned or dropped off at a shelter?


Which would you rather bring into your home, a destitute, possible drug addict or someone recommended by a relative or friend?


This new attack against purebred animals cloaked in a smog of “feel good” is, well, sickening. Appropriately, this latest Animal Rights victory was just in time for April Fools. I know that my west coast friends are not fools but they are apparently very misinformed about the rights of animals.


Animals have no rights. Animals depend on the humanity of mankind to either be kind to them or just leave them alone. As one of my politically-involved friends emailed me after the show “Who gives them the right to deprive our children the joy and emotional comfort of a well-bred genetically-healthy purebred feline?


She’s right, who we elect and laws we let pass will decide whether our descendants will have pet animals to insure their humanity. When you stop and think, it's love and respect for animals that defines humanity. My traveler ancestors knew that. 


Instant!!! Contact Information for ii YOUR Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives


Reference and Related Article Information: [1] The Cavalry Group


Instant!!! Contact Information for ii YOUR Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives

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