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If there's no dog park in your city, here is good news from the CA Federation Of Dog Clubs



Model Dog Park


August 15, 2015 saw the grand opening of Whittier's new dog park, a project that has been over 10 years in the making. The event was standing-room-only, attended by the entire City Council and Mayor Fernando Dutra did the honors of hosting the ceremonies.


City of Whittier Park Dedication; Connie Koehler, CFODC, Mayor Fernando Dutra; Councilwoman Cathy Warner, Sarah Pingol, Mayor Pro Tem Joe Vinatieri

The park is truly a beautiful facility, very dog-friendly and drought-tolerant with plenty of shade, which was totally occupied that day.


Also in attendance were representatives from L. A. County Supervisor Don Knabe (4th District), whose office contributed $125,000.00 dollars to the project, and state Assemblyman Ian Calderon, who presented the City Council with a commendation commemorating the event. The committee members who worked to establish the park were also honored.


Mayor Dutra said that all our presentations were in stark contrast to the county Dept. of Animal Care and Control staffers' lack of information and precision which preceded us. Each council member echoed his comments and said that they wished all public-interest groups could make their decisions as easy for them as we did on MSN.


We have real dog friends in Whittier, as well as a gorgeous park for the city's canines to frolic in. Edited bulletin by Connie Koehler, Connemar Wheatens, received from Chuck Bridges, President, California Federation of Dog Clubs.


Please go to their website and do what you can to help them fight for your ownership rights. And you might also want to drop a note to the people who hold it together for you, no matter where you live.


In case you didn't hear, we had some luck this week in Bakersfield. Judy Coffman testified at a city council committee hearing that was prepared to consider a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance. After reviewing data on shelter and licensing activities in Kern County/Bakersfield (provided by CFODC) and CFODC’s mandatory spay/neuter information package that was used successfully in Whittier, no member of the committee offered a motion to consider the proposal, effectively killing the initiative for the time being.

source CFODC has followed CFODC for many years. They do more than talk about fighting "animal rights" legislation; they show up at hearings! The Californian Federation Of Dog Clubs walk the halls in the capitol building.


If you missed the AUGUST 2015 ALERT see Spay or Pay: Animal Rights Whittier, CA


From every dog breeder (and dog!) we say

Chuck Bridges, President

Judy Coffman, Vice President

Geneva Coats, Secretary

Jamie Winton-Rudolph, Treasurer

Janice Anderson, Director

Jan Dykema, Director

Carol Hamilton, Director

Teri Kahn, Director

Carole Raschella, Director


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Senseless In San Diego, CA

Importing thousands of dogs to satisfy lower shelter intake and higher shelter adoptions but seeks to neuter dogs and citizens’ rights!

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