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Texas HB1451 allows warrantless home invasion and property seizure.  The Alamo against Animal Rights and dog breeders lost!





Texas HB 1451 and Your Citizens Rights. Will YOUR state legislators pass a law that pays bounty hunters to report you, allows legal home invasions, and makes illegal search and seizure legal?


Update: Texas HB1451 passes June 17, 2011.


Texas is one of the top five economies in the world! It carries a ton of political weight and is therefore a primary target for animal "rights" advocates. Dog owners who failed to fight HB1451 don’t deserve the love of a dog. That may sound harsh but that’s how we see it.


Texas Governor Rick Perry signed HB 1451 into law, stripping the rights of Texans and giving an economic green light to puppy mills. If you think that’s an exaggeration, let us put it this way.



Do you plan a litter in 2013? Okay, so do you want to be subjected to unannounced inspections of your home? How about being required to report sales and pay states fees and face outrageous fines for minor violations?


He's going to legally enter your home, search, and potentially sieze (confiscate) your animals!Did you say “no way!” Well wait a minute. HB1451 allows legal entry into your home without a warrant and when no one is there!


But there’s more. This legislation will spread like green slime in a monster movie because it includes a "bounty fund" with which to pay people to report you to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR.)


Texas Bounty Hunters collect up to $1000.00 each time they turn in a breeder who is someway, somehow, “non-compliant.” Wow! We could be seeing a new Animal Planet series. If you run on female puppies in order to decide which one to keep for the next generation, you could be in violation right there.


Texan Shirley Lawler first brought this to our attention and SAOVA, a powerful legislative site (you should subscribe) with Susan Wolf now at the helm since lobbyist Bob Kane retired, tracked this anti-breeder, invasive legislation.


Watch out for Bounty Hunters because what passed in Texas is comin’ your way.


No matter where you live, you are going to feel the effects of HB1451. Protect yourself and your state – bombard the governor’s office. You can probably get your own governor’s email at SAOVA or just do a Google search for your state legislators.


Please don’t email our editor about Rick Perry. We know he has a loyal following. Our editor liked him for the Presidential race because, as she said, his opponents were not much better as regards privacy law and animal rights. Do your own research if you are interested in any candidate’s philosophy and legislative record.  We found Rick Perry’s position on radioactive drinking water in Texas wells more than worrisome. 


Rick Santorum’s position on dog breeders was crystal clear in his infamous PAWS Speech To Congress and check out TheDogPress photo-coverage AKC Contributes To Senator Santorum


State Of Mine and Federal Legislation is all about what affects YOU so watch your back trail, the Bounty Hunter may be gunnin' for you.  Here's some Instant Info on ii Protecting Your Privacy.


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