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2015 Federal & State Legislative Updates, Animal Rights Laws, legal Rights, HSUS, USDA, APHIS


FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION Animal Rights, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Constituional Rights, APHIS, PAWS, Animal Welfare Act


Animal Rights Laws & History

Where did it start?  What does 1968 Russia have to do with the 1970s AR movement?



Step in the courtroom for the Oral Hearing on behalf of hobby dog breeders opposing HSUS


Who Will Inspect Breeders?

Will APHIS outsource to HSUS? Here's what AKC, UKC & NCA said about your privacy.


ASPCA Violates Breeders

Your private personal information and photos on the ASPCA website?  What?


Aphis Updates

Summary CHRONOLOGY, the HSUS-USDA-IRS plot to expose personal financial records, and...


APHIS Anonymous

New APHIS Rule allows your worst enemy to send animal control to your door.


USDA/Aphis Flow Chart

Confused about the new APHIS regulations? Here's what it means to you.


Million Calls To End HSUS' Terror

How legislation gets passed; attorney spells out what to do before you are legislated "gone"!


HSUS Settles Federal Lawsuit

Paying Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus $15.75 million, first-hand details.


“Where's the TV show expose on HSUS?”

Removed from Youtube (assume not voluntary) but the ABC TV station special report was released in another country.  Here's the telecast The Humane Society did not want shown


USDA/APHIS Injunction

Federal attorney provides details on Court Injunction to stop implementation of APHIS Rule.


Teaching Animal Rights

Only Christian cultures wrestle with the difference between animal rights and animal welfare.


Animal Law Discrimination

Why animal owners must legally challenge animal laws that discriminate by breed.


PUPS Assault, 2008

The beginning, Puppy Uniform Protection & Safety Act will pass if we don't prepare to fight.


PUPS Attack On Dog Breeders

the 2011 Puppy Uniform Protection & Safety Act was defeated, became 2013 APHIS Regulation.


PUPS Legislation From HSUS

has the most sponsors in recent memory and is designed to diminish YOU.


PUPS - Proposed Federal Law

Mandates better care in kennels than in nursing homes!


PUPS: The HSUS Sneak Attack

Worse than PAWS, HR 5434 affects one-litter breeders!


Overview of the PPA Act

from the Pet Industry Joint Council



ALF & ELF = FBI's #1 domestic terrorists

but we rank HSUS, PETA, ASPCA as the most politically subversive groups

Domestic Terrorist Index


Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

two entirely opposite agendas, Judge says animal "rights" retard animal welfare.*


Animal Rights Defined

The public is confused and lawmakers dangerously misled by terminology.


HSUS Non-Profit Status

Members of Congress who are above “lobbying” payoffs, looking into HSUS.


Evolution Of Dog Breeders & AR

How animal rights of the 60s threatens dog breeders today.


Animal Rights Stealth Exposed

HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA go after lobbyists and government agency appointments.


Judge Defines BSL (VIDEO Theater)

TV reporter grills him on Dangerous Dog Legislation.


Metaphor For AR Legislation

When animals are illegally seized and sold under the guise of “rescue”?



dog owners who oppose AR and support IRS investigation must know these initials!


Protect Free Internet Access

House & Senate Bill to restrict your access.


1992 Canine Chronicle Predicts

the conspiracy and breeder apathy led to today's political debacle.


DOJ Rules On Discrimination

setting precedent in dangerous dog cases.


How To Lobby Successfully

Hitch up with the platypus or...


Perfect AR Legislative Defense!

ADBA's letter re BSL legislation.  Perfect!


Service Dogs Defined

Is it a certified service dog or a show dog?


Animal Abuse Registry Sham!

It would use tax payer dollars to fund spay & neuter programs while registering abusers.


AR Legislation To Decide?

Who is Served, Man or Dog?  Will laws define an amazing survival partnership?


Wolf's Worst Enemy Is The Law

Staggering statistics and facts about the only species that adopted man.


HSUS = Dogs Gone!

Holding HSUS accountable for the disappearance of well bred purebreds.


Billboards Expose AR Groups

What if pet supply & food companies supported exposing HSUS, PETA, and AR?


Citizens Join War Dogs Army

March 13th was K9 Veteran's Day - The U.S. K9 Corps was born in 1942.


Foxhunters Arrested

How and why the foxhunters were arrested is scary enough for any dog fancier.

STATE LAWS & LEGISLATION AFFECTING DOG OWNERS, most new state laws are adopted from Federal Law or regulations such as APHIS but much of it is adapting other states

Breed Specific Legislation: VIDEO

International all-breed judge responds on camera to question about BSL and Dangerous Dog laws.


CA Legislation Opposition Letter 

Mandatory spay-neuter legislation is a model for every dog club or breeder fighting local or state dog laws.


CA State 1939 Reporting Requirement

They want seller's monthly financials & buyer’s personal info.


CA Senseless Law In San Diego

county imports dogs to satisfy shelter adoption demand.


Legislative Groups

UN-civil legislation in your state?

Click to find your State's Group


AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Dog fanciers would like to “sic em” on Animal Rights Activist legislation.


CA Banning Public Animal Sales

HSUS-backed SB917 now makes public sale of any animal a criminal offense in CA.


CA Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Irv Corbin, a Calif. Sportsman, Plott Hound breeder helped to put CA 1634 to sleep!


CA Calif. AB 1634 Goose Is Cooked Legislative Specialist, attorney Cindy Cook on the hearings...


CA Vets Withdraw on CA 1634

Veterinary Medical Assoc. withdraws support, AKC goes neutral instead of against!


CA AKC Legislative Dept on CA AB1634

exclusive interview, - law firm hired ...


CA BOYCOTT California!

Animal Rights groups giving big $$ to politicians to ensure AR legislation becomes law.


CA AKC's Eukanuba Show

to be held in Long Beach, where dog breeding is? was? banned!  Great Choice...


CA AKC Signature Show Venue

persuades Long Beach CA to lift Breeding Ban - but at what cost?


CA BILL On Pets In Vehicles

makes leaving any animal in an unattended vehicle a crime, owners could be arrested.


CA Fight For America's Dogs

Animal Rights legislation decrees all dogs must be spayed, neutered, or permitted.


CA San Diego Dog Limit Laws

German Shorthair Rescue Case April 2009.


CA LA Becomes Slaughterhouse

mandatory Spay-Neuter raises shelter admissions by 11 times higher!


CO AC Breaks Into Breeder's Home

Littleton police seize dogs and new litter.


FL Extinction Legislation In FL

Spay-Neuter plus unannounced inspection of your home and personal records!


IN State Rep. Foley Opposes HB 1468

targeting dog breeders instead of puppy mills.


KY District Court Rules Pets ARE Property

setting precedent for legislative lobbyists


KY Louisville Law

A landmark case for the south, 91 pages of Metro Animal Control vs. Citizen Rights.


NC Defeating Miss Ellen

solved the problem in this small county. Smile over this and defeat animal rights!


NC Maynard Collie Case

Neighbors From Hell legislation - and a lot more interesting.


PA New Animal Law

Senator Santorum's PAWS?  Now PA Gov. Rendell Announces Act 119.


PA Shame On PA Legislature #1

Puppy Mill Propaganda "Power 101" presented by A&N Research.


PA Shame On PA Legislature #2

Tangled Web of AR; why Puppy Mills prosper and show breeders suffer


PA Shame On PA Legislature #3

A&N Research gave you the facts, links and players in the Animal Rights (AR) plot.



We defeated The Pet Animal Welfare Statute introduced in 2005 by Santorum and pushed by AKC and HSUS but then PAWS morphed into PUPS in 2008 (Durbin & Gerlach) and the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act is still alive. 

Put PUPS (Legislation) To Sleep!

TheDogPlace PROJECT PAWS 2005


TX HB 1451 = Legal Home Invasion

Can YOUR state legislators fight off a law that pays bounty hunters $1000 to report you?


TX HB 1451 Animal Rights Law

This bill may become NATIONAL law if Gov. Rick Perry becomes President.


TX Houston SPCA Steals & Sells Animals

ABC's 20/20 and John Stossel reveal one SPCA at work!


TX Lessons From Dallas

$50 million unfunded spay/neuter mandate!


VA Home Invasion!

Land where freedom was born strips Citizen Rights in this first-hand report.


VA Proposal - Mandatory Spay/Neuter

No Exceptions.  No Appeal Legislation!


**Statements and information contained herein are for educational purposes only. Always check with an Attorney if you believe your legal rights have been violated or you would like to share documentation of same.**


Legislation Is All About Support

Supporting Each Other, Dog Breeders, AKC, our Rights, and Legislation.


Most Ridiculous Animal Laws

Here's a few on-the-book laughs.


OPPOSE “Happy Act" Ruse

Cleverly named 2009 tax deduction is only a ruse to TRACK and TAX dog sales


Defeating AR Legislation

PetPac has lobbying leadership and members who go to the capitol



Legislation Index & Articles Ads

Searching for coverage, just enter a name, or "Politics" in the search box


We The People For Pets - CALL TO ACTION!!






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Protect the rights of animal owners and enthusiasts against the animal rights movement. 1111p12



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