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The first animal rights, HSUS-backed legislation was fought in CA as Judy Mancusco faced the Houndsmen, PetPac, USSA, and other groups determined to fight California's AB1634.


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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - In California


by Irv Corbin

AB1634 BACKED BY PeTA & HSUS FAILEDJuly 2007 California- I’m glad we won this battle! That’s exactly what this AB 1634 is, a battle win, not the winning of the war against this draconian type of legislation. With Assemblyman Levine being backed by no doubt HSUS, and PETA, everyone knows they don’t quit that easy!

The GRASS ROOTS effort to see this bill defeated was phenomenal! People who don’t even own a dog or cat were up in arms because it’s an invasion of our property rights as tax paying citizens. The state organization to which I belong, California Houndsmen for Conservation was constantly updating people on AB1634 and its effect upon pet owners if it became law.

I’d like to give credit to some members from PetPac, Bill Hemby, as well as Kelly Moran who went head on with Judy Mancuso in several radio and television debates. These guys blew her out of the water with FACTUAL DATA showing the continual decline of dogs and cats being euthanized in CA in the last 20 years. Also hard at work for hunting dog owners was Mark Hennelly from COHA (California Outdoor Heritage Alliance.) COHA, as well as their mother group CWA (CA Waterfowl Assn.) which has been on the forefront of every hunting related issue. USSA, U S Sportsmans Alliance, was also hard at work against AB1634.

Bill Hemby had this to say about where we’ve been and where we are now. “There is no doubt that PetPAC is enemy number one to Judy Mancuso and her ilk. … For years we have sat on the sidelines allowing the (Animal Rights) AR's to run rampant across the US. What we…have done here in California is monumental. We have taken on a huge, well funded group who have had their way for years and told them "NO MORE!" This is the line drawn in the sand. From now on we go on the offensive.

PetPAC is the biggest grass roots organization of its kind. We now have over 35,000 people signed on to We are not funded by large corporations. All of our money has come from people like you representing the dog and cat world.

”With your continued support, we will defeat AB 1634 come January and send a message to all politicians who threaten our existence. Remember that old adage, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.’  Bill Hemby, PetPAC”


Report courtesy of:
Irv Corbin, Rebel Pride Plott Kennels


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