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HSUS-backed legislation is sweeping the country but AKC and UKC came together with the Cat Registries and defeated CA AB 1634.  But Cooke says it's not done...


California 1634 Goose Is Cooked

by Cindy Cooke, Legislative Specialist


CALIFORNIA AB1634 IS A COOKED GOOSE BUT...July 2007 - Whether he knows it or not, California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine did a big favor for the dog and cat owners of California and the rest of the country, too. The early successes of AB 1634 galvanized dog and cat owners and made them truly understand the serious threat of the animal rights movement. The other good thing that came out of this battle was that dog people from all walks--show people and hunters, pet people and breeders, AKC people and UKC people, all came together for the fight of their lives.

Unfortunately, a statewide battle is a comparatively easy battle. I think the next thing to expect is that the AB 1634 supporters will go home and try to introduce similar legislation in every city or county in California. These types of bills are much harder to fight and will require continued cooperation from all the groups that came together to oppose AB 1634. More than ever, we will need to court the media in every community to get our message out.

My role in this battle was pretty simple and straightforward. I wrote letters and made phone calls. I sent e-mails and faxes until the faxes in the state capitol gave out! However, many, many UKC dog owners were on the front line of this fight, attending every meeting and rally. Plott Hound breeder Irv Corbin, Rebel Pride Plotts, was a real irresistible force, and we felt fortunate to have such a fighter on our side.

I am a little concerned that the National Animal Interest Alliance is NOT getting as much credit as it deserves for its part in defeating AB 1634. NAIA works quietly and efficiently, so its effectiveness can sometimes be overlooked. It was NAIA's behind-the-scenes work that resulted in the change of position by CVMA, and it was the loss of CVMA support that really turned the tide against Levine. Since NAIA is often too modest to shout about its achievements, I hope TheDogPress will give them the credit they deserve. I believe that NAIA will be the NRA for animal owners if we will all get behind and support this outstanding organization.



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