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The CA Vet Assoc. withdraws sponsorship on California's epic animal rights legislation, CA AB 1634. The CFA (Cat Fanciers) worked like a dog against AB1634!


Cat Fancier's Association

July 5th Update on CA Bill 1634


Below is a CFA announcement to cat fanciers re AB1634. In the attached LG Committee Bill Analysis, CVMA (CA Veterinary Medical Association) was listed as being among the Opposed. However, according to Joan Miller (CFA), the official CVMA announcement indicated that their position went from co-sponsor to neutral. Therefore, the Bill Analysis will probably be corrected.

The Veterinary Medical Association's withdrawal of sponsorship is a huge step forward for our side. AB1634 lost the only sponsor that lends credibility to its argument. It reflects the time and efforts all the dog and cat lovers have put in as one unit to fight this bill. You can read the rest of the info and details on Wednesday's scheduled events from the email we're forwarding from CFA.

The numbers of letters from organizations and individual were about the same for Support and Oppose -- 400+ organizations and 10,000+ individuals. Many national and regional breed clubs as well as kennel clubs and cat breed clubs registered official oppositions.

We're happy to note that the 2 regional Borzoi Clubs in California filed official oppositions, as did the Western Borzoi Coursing Club and We are deeply saddened and most disappointed to note that our own parent club, Borzoi Club of America, apparently did not register any opposition, nor did any of our breed rescue organizations. However, we are very thankful for the hard work that many of our fellow Borzoi breeders and owners from across the country contributed in helping with our fight against AB1634, despite the lack of support from our parent club.

We will do a closer analysis and break down of the bill's support and oppose organizations and send you an update later. For now, we all need to keep the heat up and remain focused on the Committee hearing this coming Wednesday. Please call the 5 Senators on the committee to remind them how strongly we remain Opposed to AB1634. Let them know that CVMA has officially withdraw both their Sponsorship and their Support of AB1634 - they no long think it's "healthy for pets"! In fact, large numbers of veterinarians feel so strongly about the Unhealthy aspects of the bill that they formed the "California Veterinarians Against AB1634" to oppose it. Further, the San Diego County Veterinary Medical Association is publicly opposing this insidious bill.

Capitol and district phone & fax numbers of the State Senators are attached in (side bar) handy link Article; ADOA asks for help fighting CA 1634.

Thanks to:

Ken & Patti Burton

Kifka Borzoi


CFA Update - To All Fanciers;

The California Senate Local Government Committee Consultant's Analysis for AB 1634 has been published and is on the CFA website (or will be asap). You will find CFA on the oppose list as "The" Cat Fanciers' Association. There is a major accomplishment reflected in this document - the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is no longer listed as a Sponsor of the bill nor a Supporter. ... The San Diego Veterinary Medical Association is on the OPPOSE list !!!

CFA played an important role immediately following the bill's introduction in late February with a letter in early March to the CVMA, emails asking veterinary contacts to persuade the CVMA to withdraw their sponsorship and urging fanciers to contact their own veterinarians. Many cat and dog fanciers visited their veterinarians to make them aware and to provide materials so they could influence the CVMA Board of Governors, the former president and the new president. Numerous veterinarians had the courage to speak out. We want to especially thank Dr. John Hamil, Dr. Sharon Vanderlip, Dr. Charles Hjerpe, Dr. Karen Seibold and many others who wrote strong letters and did so much to counter the support stance of the CVMA leadership. We appreciate the National Animal Interest Alliance's (NAIA) hard work to organize and promote the list of opposed veterinarians on their website - Many other groups helped and it was a huge effort on the part of hundreds of individuals in the state. Veterinarians have knowledge and credibility - we want them on our side !!!!

The Committee Consultant's Analysis does not adequately express the CFA reasons for opposition and there is some misinterpretation of the bill language. Now it is important to make those calls to Committee members offices to remind the staff of your opposition. Contact information is on the CFA website.

Attend the hearing on July 11th at 8AM (get there very early) and the PetPAC rally on the State Capitol grounds at 9:30 AM. The American Kennel Club will have a lobbying meeting at 11:00 AM at the Hyatt Hotel. Exact locations will be posted later. We must defeat this bill for the sake of our breeds and the homeless cats on the streets that will be ignored when people are threatened with $500 fines for "possessing" a cat not sterilized.

Joan Miller
CFA Legislative Coordinator
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