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Tam Cordingley,


I left California over 25 years ago, mainly because of restrictive legislation. Now people are leaving in droves before 1634 takes effect as it surely will unless we take stronger action than we did when it was HB 1634.


Anyone who attends ANY dog event in California until this AR bill is defeated should have their head or their scruples examined. If we just keep on talking, PETA, HSUS, and do-gooders are going to win.


One thing seldom mentioned in sample letters is the arbitrary 4 months age at which puppies and kittens must be spayed/neutered. The “exemption” in the bill is for dogs actively showing but no dog is actively showing in a sanctioned event at 4 months of age. Therefore every puppy could be denied an exemption and will have to be rendered incapable of reproducing. Goal Accomplished, see HSUS goal below.


My suggestion is not totally original. Some groups and clubs have already come up with a boycott. Money talks loudest of all and there are a couple of extra things I believe can be done that will add even more impact to our response.

  1. Boycott EVERY DOG EVENT held in California through the remainder of 2007.

  3. Write a letter to the Calif. Senators and Governor and inform them of your decision NOT to spend $___ on gasoline or diesel fuel, $___ on motels, $___ on food, $___ on entry fees, all of which would go to support the state passing a law to make you illegal.

  5. Take 1/2 that money and donate it to CA Federation of Dog Clubs or or Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA)

  7. Spend the other 1/2 advertising that you care about this very important legal issue. Run win photos in the dog magazines but boldly state that Ch. Long Head and Ch. Lovely Ears will not be shown in California shows until the California legislature recognizes our rights.

  8. Announce that you will be looking for a new home in a more dog friendly state.

  10. Send your Declaration to every legislator in the State. Or in the state in which you live now because if it is not stopped now, it will spread to your state too.

HSUS President/CEO Wayne Pacelle has openly stated "One generation and out." This bill is the perfect Animal Rights vehicle. If we sit by and allow this to happen in our mindless quest for ribbons, points, and ratings, maybe we deserve to be forced out of our lifestyle.


Make no mistake, this is a war and if are not willing to make a personal sacrifice for six months, the AR folks will win.


Editor’s Note: For those who didn’t know, the AKC Eukanuba Invitational is held in a California county with a total ban on breeding! covered this prior to the 2006 show, the AKC/Eukanuba Signature Show provides quotes and background which is even more meaningful now.


For example “Could a revision to the Long Beach breeding ordinance have anything to do with the announcement of the AKC Eukanuba National Classic being held there????


Does AKC deserve applause for pulling it off?  Or does the choice of venue deserve a kick in the pants for causing license fees to triple?


… It is characterized in the local press as an “annual dog breeding event” which is illegal in Long Beach!


… The newspaper points out ‘In 2003, the city gained about $4.6 million from the event’”


That conservative estimate has probably tripled over the next three years as entries and attendance have increased.
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