Tell us below if or how the USDA-APHIS Rule allowing anonymous complaints about dog breeders, sending animal control to your door, could or would affect you!






APHIS posted simple procedures for anyone to make an anonymous complaint about anyone regarding any type of animal - obviously that includes dogs.


Anonymous complaints to APHIS, the newly empowered animal inspectionConsequently, the stage is set for thousands of anonymous complaints to be filed with APHIS that can potentially affect any hobby dog breeder, regardless of how few intact females are in the breeder’s home. Unannounced home-kennel facilities are now open to inspection without a warrant.  Even drug dealers are afforded that right before a raid! The joke is on you, the hobby breeder/tax payer with nothing to hide but who values their privacy.


Think about it - in two seconds you’ve got the picture. If you dismissed the risk of being inspected, knowing that the USDA doesn’t even have enough inspectors to protect our food supply, you should know the government plans to implement the new APHIS Regulation.


The care and conditions inspection methodology is simple. We do it for them!


APHIS responds to anonymous complaints, prompting otherwise unwarranted inspectionSomeone who hates you simply calls the reporting number. APHIS could automatically route your call to HSUS so they contact one of their local animal cruelty enforcers.  Now you are on their radar. A quick call to the local “animal control” officer who previously had no probable cause to search your premises. Bingo! You’re toast.


It might take a little longer to make you crispy if instead, APHIS first accesses its massive data files collected from AKC to see how many dogs you have - age, sex, breed, plus who you co-own with or every person to whom you have sold a dog.


But there's more.  The federal APHIS database pulls in all your state veterinary records which by law, contain every rabies vaccine and health certificate issued. Health certificates are a red flag, indicating you sold to someone who did not come to your home to pick up the puppy, i.e. you shipped a puppy. Shipping records could also indicate that you are selling stud services, i.e. you may be receiving and shipping bitches sent for your "dog breeding business."


You are no longer under the radar. You’re under the broiler based on an anonymous phone call from a competitor or someone with whom you had a disagreement.


What can you do? Give up and give away your dogs? In many cases, that means giving up your life’s work. Think of the implications for all Americans. An artist who went to the best art schools, labored to get his work displayed and who finally is in demand, is put out of business because an art critic doesn’t like his work? Apply that to landscape contractors, architectural firms, or a restaurateur. But wait...  They all have associations that have lobbyists at the state and federal level. We have AKC. You remember the American Kennel Club, right?


If HSUS has its way dog owners, especially breeders, will be gone and the world will be vegan, with no need for any animals owned by any person.The APHIS Rule can and will be implemented at little or no cost by this ingenious method of having the citizenry turn into federal employees. It doesn’t matter if it is the next door neighbor with whom you’ve had property or other disputes, this is their chance to get even. It can be your worst dog show enemy or a disgruntled puppy owner. It doesn’t matter. Worst of all, you have no opportunity to confront your anonymous accuser. They are protected by APHIS regulation. You, American Citizen, have no more protection under the Constitution.


In fact, you, hobby breeder, are gone. Destroyed by an anonymous enemy. Vaporized by HSUS. Game over. They won.


Is that what you want?  Will your beloved pet be the next to disappear?  Is there any hope? Well yes, but only if show breeders, hobby breeders, and the pet loving public unite.  We outnumber the animal rights-political activists.


But the sad fact is that even as we update this information in late 2019, Animal Rights is all about political control of your Rights as a U.S. Citizen. If that bothers you, then instantly (!!) contact your ii YOUR Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives and ask them for a position statement on Animal Rights vs Animal Owners Rights and protection under the law.


Send interesting observations or responses to TheDogPlace staff and state permission to quote you in a follow-up article.  Also state whether we can provide your name (but not your location or info) for authenticity.

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