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So far, Animal Rights Activists have defeated us,  subverting Human Rights and Freedom Of Choice.  Animal "Rights" groups have vowed to destroy hobby breeders but they ignore the atrocities committed by commercial breeders!  Explore this section and learn why.  Also how such non-taxable "charitable" groups lobby for laws that raise your taxes!



We have received numerous emails regarding the "Happy Act", i.e. HR3501, asking for our thoughts. We ask that you consider this information prior to signing any petition in support of this bill. HR3501, although appearing to be very appealing and beneficial to breeders and animal owners, should be opposed.


by Linda D. Witouski & Ken Sondej, The Monthly National Legislation Report, an IRS 527 PAC


Linda WitouskiNovember 2009 / - It is of our opinion that this bill does exactly what it was intended to do. To draw in unsuspecting breeders who believe they are getting a "break" and it is being done exactly in the style to which we who work legislation are accustomed to seeing, or should be accustomed to seeing, by now.

Those who believe this is a 'good thing' should stop and reconsider how bills are amended as they make their way through Congress. Although some feel it worthy of support as currently written, consideration needs to be given regarding the amendments that HSUS could/would add that most likely will end up not benefiting breeders at all, rather, it could/would be more detrimental to your rights to own animals in the end. This is not an unfamiliar tactic in politics, as many of you more experienced in the legislative arena are aware - gain the support of the opposition with some "feel good" legislation, amend, amend, amend - and then advise Congress that it was "what everybody wanted." If you sign on to it in the beginning, you have no defense - you signed up to support it and your signature on any petition will be proof positive.

BREEDERS OPPOSE NATIONAL “HAPPY ACT” HR3501Everybody should be aware by now that the HSUS is looking at taxes that are not being collected from breeders, as evidenced in the not so long ago Indiana confiscation in which back taxes surpassed $130,000. No better way could possibly exist in tracking hobby breeders than to claim they were avoiding paying income taxes on their dogs. In order to claim tax deductions, you must first claim a profit, and in doing so, hobby breeders will no longer be considered as such and would then fall under other more stringent regulations, possibly causing the hobbyist to be reconsidered as a "business." In addition, there are many rural and urban areas that are not zoned for "business" and many hobby breeders will then be in the target scope and in jeopardy of losing their animals because of "zoning regulations and restrictions" in those particular areas that are not zoned for business. Professional, licensed breeders already deduct expenses. Hobbyists, by signing any petitions, would be voluntarily setting themselves up to lose their hobbyist status and would then be required to prove all expenses for their animals once they are considered as "professional breeders." While you, as a hobbyist, may gain on one level, you will surely lose on several others once your status is changed.

A little background on Linda Witouski:

  • AKC Judge & Delegate

  • AKC SC Legislation Representative

  • Legislation Chair, BOD & Delegate - Myrtle Beach KC

  • Legislation Chair - Miniature Pinscher Club of America

  • Legislation Chair - Yankee Miniature Pinscher Club

  • SC Camo Coalition Steering Committee

  • SC Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses

  • Leg. Editor & Investigative Reporter –

  • State Of Mine Leg. Editor – NetPlaces, LLC

  • Co-Author, Monthly National Legislation Report

  • Owner:

  • Owner:

  • Owner: SC Animal, Sportsmen & Wildlife Voting Coalition

As "Happy" as this bill may sound, there are far too many unanswered questions when reading in between the lines and while this bill, as is currently written, appears to only entail "health care for animals", can you possibly

conceive in your own mind that HSUS or any other anti animal group will leave it as is when it gives them the perfect opportunity to add to it as it makes its way through the legislation process?


Additionally, allowing (up to) a $3500 deduction also increases the potential of a dog's value. Animal rights attorneys are constantly testing the courts in this currently gray area for purposes of malpractice and emotional damages. Permitting tax deductions for dogs is one more step up the "they are family and should be in an elevated property status" ladder.

We fully realize that the "Happy Act", HR3501, is a "feel good" piece of nationwide legislation to unsuspecting supporters but we also realize that this bill has the potential of putting animals on the same level as humans and sets a very dangerous precedent in equating animals with the seniors, the elderly and children, who currently are permitted to have deductions taken by their caregivers. This bill creates the perfect backdrop for "guardianship."

As such, the Monthly National Legislation Report, and the organizations listed below, oppose this bill and asks that you take the time to consider all possible ramifications prior to making any decision other than opposition.

Currently, the following organizations have joined the MNLR in opposing HR3501:

Nevada Animal Owners & Sportsmen - Voting Alliance
SC Animal Owners & Sportsmen Voting Coalition
SC Federation of Dog Clubs

*Note: If your organization would like to join the Opposed list, please drop an email to  or

Read the bill here: HR3501 – The Happy Act - Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years (“HAPPY”) Act


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