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Californian’s fight for America’s dogs. The “model” animal rights bill SB 250 decrees all dogs must be spayed, neutered, or permitted – in today’s economy, most will become shelter dogs.

Hold The Hill !!


Less than a week left! Don’t live in California? Remember the first County in the U.S. to pass spay/neuter laws? This is another “model” animal rights bill and no matter where you live, this show is coming to a theater near you.


8/28/2009 – this just in from the California Federation of Dog Clubs. SB 250 passed the Appropriations Committee and will go to a full vote on the assembly floor. This is without a doubt the most destructive law ever for dog owners. Any dog at a show without a license on his collar, or off leash is in violation. The fact that obedience doesn't allow tags in the ring, the fact that show dogs don't wear tags in the ring, means NOTHING. You only get one chance. Once you've been cited, your dog is spayed or neutered and SO ARE ANY OTHER DOGS YOU OWN. You think they won't come after you at a show? Just check around and see what they're already doing.

The Burbank shows are September 26 and 27. SB 250 could be on the books by then. Maybe it's not likely, but what if? What if AC decides to make an example of us at that show? You could lose your entire breeding stock. If not Burbank, how about Riverside, San Gabriel, any show, anywhere in California? Every time you enter, you'll be putting your dogs at risk, all of them.

And if you're one of those who flies under the radar and doesn't license - and you get caught - you won't need to commit a leash violation or anything else. You'll be cited, dogs sterilized and you won't be allowed to own an intact dog ever again.

If you don't show but you compete in obedience or agility, chances are you already spay/neuter your dogs and think none of this applies to you. Dogs get old, they retire, time for a new puppy. Where will you get that puppy? From a breeder? Yeah, right.

We have eleven days to make the biggest stink Sacramento has ever seen. Remind them that this bill will cost the state a fortune. Call, write, fax, email. Then do it again. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Every Democrat in the Assembly needs to hear from you. Here is their contact info. Except for the room number, all addresses are the same:

State Capitol, P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249

Tom Ammiano (San Francisco)
Rm 2175
Juan Arambula (Fresno)
Rm 2141
Karen Bass (speaker) (Los Angeles)
Rm 219
Jim Beall, Jr. (San Jose)
Rm 5016
Marty Block (Lemon Grove)
Rm 3132
Bob Blumenfield (Van Nuys)

Rm 6011
Julia Brownley (Woodland Hills)
Rm 2163
Joan Buchanan (San Ramon)
Rm 4167
Anna M. Caballero (Salinas)
Rm 5119
Charles M. Calderon (City of Industry)

Rm 2117
Wilmer Amin a Carter (Rialto)
Rm 2136
Wesley Chesbro (Santa Rosa)
Rm 2176
Joe Coto (San Jose)
Rm 2013
Mike Davis (Los Angeles)
Rm 2160
Hector De La Torre (South Gate)
Rm 4016
Kevin de Leon (Los Angeles)
Rm 2114
Mike Eng (El Monte)
Rm 4140
Noreen Evans (Napa)
Rm 6026
Mike Feuer (West Hollywood)
Rm 3146
Paul Fong (Mountain View)
Rm 5135
Felipe Fuentes (Arleta)

Rm 5136
Warren T. Furutani (Long Beach)
Rm 3126
Cathleen Galgiani (Merced)
Rm 5155
Martin Garrick (Carlsbad)
Rm 2158
Isadore Hall III (Compton)

Rm 6025

Mary Hayashi (Hayward)
Rm 3013

Edward P. Hernandez (West Covina)
Rm 4112
Jerry Hill (San Mateo)
Rm 4146
Alyson Huber (Lodi)
Rm 5175
Jared Huffman (Petaluma)
Rm 3120
Dave Jones (Sacramento)
Rm 6005
Paul Krekorian (Burbank)
Rm 4005
Ted W. Lieu (El Segundo)
Rm 3173
Bonnie Lowenthal (Long Beach)
Rm 5158
Fiona Ma (San Francisco)
Rm 3091
Tony Mendoza (Norwalk)
Rm 2188
William W. Monning (Santa Cruz)
Rm 5150
Pedro Nava (Santa Barbara)
Rm 2148
John A. Perez (Los Angeles)
Rm 3160
V. Manuel Perez (Indio)
Rm 4162
Anthony Portantino (Pasadena)
Rm 2003
Ira Ruskin (Los Altos)
Rm 3123

Mary Salas (Chula Vista)
Rm 2137
Lori Saldana (San Diego)
Rm 3152
Nancy Skinner (Oakland)

Rm 4126
Jose Solorio (Anaheim)

Rm 2013
Sandre R. Swanson (Oakland)
Rm 6012
Tom Torlakson (Antioch)

Rm 5160
Norma J. Torres (Ontario)
Rm 4164
Alberto Torrico (Fremont)
Rm 319
Mariko Yamada (Vacaville)
Rm 5144

Email for complete phone & fax contact information. Or Click Here.  Do it now!

Haven’t heard about this “model” bill? This is a strictly partisan bill and we are outspent by the Animal Rightists. AKC isn’t funding or fighting this landmark bill which, once passed, will spread to state after state. Read more here and act quickly.



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