Frequent questions are, is COVID-19 like coronavirus in my dog’s vaccine? and if so, can we catch it from our pets? and are we under attack by China?





Barbara J. Andrews, AKC Hall Of Fame Breeder, SAAB Member


Questions are Is COVID-19 like coronavirus in my dog vaccine?” and if so, “Can we catch it from our pets? and increasingly, Are we under attack by China?


The first answer is “No, this coronavirus is a different version, hence its name.” The second question has no definitive answer but current research says catching it from animals is “Not likely…” even though the world was told by WHO (World Health Organization) that the bat-carried virus was transmitted to people at the Wuhan “wet” (live animals) food market.



The zoonosis aspect (animal-human transmission) of the Wuhan market was floated by “news organizations” seeking reader eyes or hits. That is because the first confirmed case of then-unnamed COVID-19 was January 20, 2020 in a man who had just returned from Wuhan China. We shrugged it off.


In February we were thinking of love, spring gardens, and of course dog shows to kick off the new year.


In March 2018 President Trump put tariffs on Chinese imports due to theft of intellectual property for which he was criticized by the press.


By mid-April the Wuhan flu had morphed into COVID-19. Is it coincidence that America was widely stricken with COVID-19 at “income tax time” which is also when President Trump questioned the authenticity and value of WHO on network news


That brings us to more current questions. Was this virus a quasi-attack by China? And who the heck is WHO? Is the World Health Organization really about health? WHO defines itself as “…a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. It is part of the U.N. Sustainable Development Group.


Researchers (and conspiracy theorists) are going without sleep and coming up empty on where and how this pandemic started. Under previous protocol and leadership China became our biggest supplier of everything from toys, clothes, and gadgets to prescriptions! In 2018 U.S. imports from China totaled $539.5 billion and estimates are/were higher for 2020.


Most people are concerned only with prevention, not origin of the virus but thankfully, our leaders are weighing the implications of social engineering, especially as it affects elderly or chronically ill people.


Speculation abounds as to whether this virus was intended as “population control” for China’s burgeoning problem or a means of thinning out America for a takeover. The fact is, after many attempts at controlling over-population including the “one-child policy” introduced in 1979 and at various times, immediately “disposing of” newborn females China has the largest population in the world, over 1.4 billion people but it is 4th in land mass.


The United States is 3rd after Russia and Canada. The comparatively moderate climate and vast open spaces of the USA must look pretty good.


In previous Chinese society, the elderly lived with or were cared for by their adult children. As in America, today’s young adults are moving out, leaving their elderly parents alone and vulnerable to poor nutrition, disease, physical and mental degradation.


Society world-wide is changing and if “history repeats” this generation must be up to the challenge both socially and morally.

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