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Too many veterinarians have become little more than drugstores and that's not an easy pill to swallow!  Here's objective, unaligned dog health information – free!



Dog Diseases - possible causes and curesDOG DISEASES


Non-hereditary health problems are usually dietary, environmental, or medication side effects.


Spay / Neuter is surgery that cuts your dog to the quick!SPAY or NEUTER?


Your dog BEGS you to learn what veterinarians know but only the most honest will tell you.




Fleas, ticks, and worms.  How to detect and treat your dog for external and external parasites. 


Genetic canine health is important!GENETIC HEALTH


Good breeders select for phenotype and genotype to preserve health, structure, and temperament.


Many websites are "catcher sites" by puppy mills or radical animal rights groups. Our

Science & Advisory Board

includes the nation's top Veterinary authorities.



Prevent Adverse Reactions by insisting on Prescription Inserts - here's why...


Avoidance of unnecessary vaccines is a big factor in optimum canine healthVACCINE RISKS


Protect your dog's health and your children from over-vaccination and vaccinosis.


People & Pet Health

"There's no placebo effect in animals."

 It either works or it doesn't.  Learn why that's so important to your health.


Good nutrition can determine canine health!DOG FOOD 101


Feeding a dog is easy and fun.  Insure your dog's health - and simplify your life!


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