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Arnica For Bruises

by Dorothy “Dot” Martin


An uncommon little sugar pill. Arnica Montana. Arnica is for bruising.


Every person should have Arnica available all the time.


You cannot see or taste the coating of the herbal tincture, but each pill has been coated with the substance. I know because I use them frequently. It is hard to tell when they will be needed, so they are in my car, in my house and near the dogs.


Arnica Montana is the common name for a flower that when prepared homeopathically, will aid the body in alleviating the bruising from blows to any part of the body.


Consider this scenario:  You lean over to get something out of a lower drawer or cabinet. You forget that a cabinet door over your head is open. When you stand up, the corner connects with your head. Sometimes very painfully. If you have Arnica nearby, put one under your tongue and let it melt. The throbbing should be gone within 30 minutes. If not, take another one. There will be no side effects.


Homeopathy does not interfere with any other medications.


Consider this one. You have a puppy you are trying to train to walk on a lead. It gets under your feet and you are on its paw. Now you have a yelping puppy with a paw held in the air. Arnica to the rescue. You will have to hide the pellet in a piece of favorite food, cheese, meat or bait, etc., to get it into the injured victim. Nutrical will work too. It just needs to be swallowed. Most dogs have trouble trying to keep the pellet in the mouth. I have a couple that will take the remedies from my hand but most are not nearly so accommodating. If you think serious damage has been done to the dog, go to the vet.


I have personally had very good results with Arnica before surgery. Many members of my family and several friends have used it as well. It is taken once a day for a week prior to the hospital visit. It works for dental visits used in the same way.


Homeopathic remedies are not taken to prevent illness as shots are. They work best when used shortly after an illness begins or an accident happens. Their job is to encourage the body to heal. For the same reason, you would take them when you experience pain or as in surgery, just before it is to happen. You stop taking them when the pain subsides or the injury is healed.


Another nice thing about them is that they are not expensive and are available at most health food stores.


There are over 1000 various remedies made from various things in nature that can help when things go “bump” in the night. Think of Arnica when bruised.


Always seek the help of your Doctor or Vet. Homeopathy does not replace good medical care.


To your continued good health.

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