Bee Propolis


Propolis can kill bacteria, herpes virus, shrink tumors, and even prevent anesthesia-related memory loss in dogs and people!





Barbara J. Andrews, Master Breeder, Publisher


Bee Propolis has been documented as a healing agent for more than two thousand years.


Why haven’t you heard about bee propolis?  The answer is simple - today we have pharmaceutical companies.  Thankfully, "old time" natural health aids work so well that mankind has kept the information alive, even as drug researchers find new ways to alter herbs, seeds, and even soil and clay so it can be patented, controlled and made incredibly profitable.


So What Is Bee polis?

Propolis is a sticky resin that seeps from the buds and bark of trees.  Bees gather the propolis, carry it to the hive, and with waxy flakes secreted from their abdomens, they blend it into "bee propolis".  Often called "bee glue", they use for sealing small cracks but more to the point, worker bees line the little cells in which the queen bee lays her eggs, and due to its antiseptic properties, the propolis lining insures a hospital-clean environment for rearing her brood.  It does the same for your wounds...


Bees use propolis to seal and sanitize their hives in other ways.  When an invader gets into the hive, the bees kill it and if the body can’t be removed, they encase it in propolis to prevent decay and the development of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and other yucky stuff common to corpses.  See Egyptian entombing below.


Bee Propolis For Fertility?

That's right and there's reason to believe propolis can work for dogs as well as humans.  A study in women found astounding benefits in the treatment of endometriosis and infertility problems.  Women given 500mg of propolis twice daily resulted in a pregnancy rate of 60% as opposed to 20% for women not given propolis.


Go ahead, talk to your vet about the possibilities for a non-productive brood bitch. We know there's no motivation for a veterinary university to do study in dogs but if my bitch was having conception problems, and the vet couldn’t pin it down, I would put her on a propolis dosage appropriate for her size.  What’s to lose?  Propolis has virtually no known harmful or allergic effects.


Another breeding problem is cystitis, common during estrus cycles.  Again, bees can come to the rescue with honey and vinegar, covered in the link below.


Bee Propolis

is a sticky substance used by bees to disinfect and isolate anything foreign in their hive.


Propolis Protects

The bioflavanoids in propolis lock viruses in a coat of protein which is why bees use it to mummify hive invaders.


Propolis Heals

Bee propolis has profound anti-inflammatory effects on chronic inflammations. In addition to easing arthritis pain, propolis calms asthma and allergy attacks by reducing smooth muscle airway contractions.


Bee propolis treats endometriosis and infertility problems. (see Bee Propolis information below).  When used Before Surgery propolis may prevent anesthesia-induced memory loss which can be more than temporary.


Share this page with anyone you know who is facing surgery or has a compromised immune system or COPD.


Propolis For Anesthesia-induced Memory Loss?

If you or your dog face surgery then you need to know that propolis may protect against cognitive impairment when undergoing general anesthesia.


DOES YOUR VET KNOW ABOUT HONEY BEE PROPOLIS?Haven’t you noticed that someone in your family was a little “slow” to catch onto things after surgery?  Not remembering much about having been sick is good; it is the brain’s protection for our conscious mind and actually makes healing easier.  But mild, temporary amnesia is not the same as brain cell impairment.


It happens to some degree in any surgery but In brain or heart surgery wherein the blood supply is held back and then re-introduced, the risk of cognitive malfunction is heightened during reperfusion (blood flow resumption) which is associated with a rapid return of oxygen-derived free radicals.  This kind of surgery would be a rare procedure in dogs but anesthesia-induced loss of memory can occur in pets and as in humans, it can persist for days, weeks, or permanently.  Unfortunately your dog can't tell you he feels foggy and “forgetful” and you assume he's just gotten older...


Bee Propolis For Herpes, Cancer, and Asthma,

Research in Israel has shown that bee propolis is protective against the herpes simplex virus in living organisms.  It has been used for centuries in Egypt where recent studies have also shown it has strong anti-tumor activity.  Get this.  Animals induced with tumors, when given bee propolis, failed to develop cancerous tumors and in fact, the tumors shrank!  According to another Egyptian study, bee propolis has anti-asthma properties.  Egyptian culture is famous for entombing, is that how they became interested in propolis?  Because the bees use it to "entomb" invaders into the hive?


Bee propolis inhibits vascular endothelia growth and is a significant anti-inflammatory.  It is said to be comparable to silver sulfadiazine in treating second-degree burns.  Well?  Why not?  The application of raw honey saved countless lives following the horrible Bali nightclub fire of 2003 in which over 400 people were trapped and burned.


“Real Honey?”

A word of caution here, for medicinal or health reasons, avoid honey that doesn’t say “raw” and "unfiltered" on the label.  Raw - Unfiltered is not the same as "pure" or "natural" or "organic".  Raw honey is organic and unprocessed.  It will be darker, thicker, and slightly cloudy.  Processed honey is usually an attractive golden color and pours easier because corn syrup or other ingredients have been added to boost sweetness and cut the cost of real honey.


Honey For Coughs

HONEY BEES HEAL DOGS AND PEOPLE!PA State University College Of Medicine conducted a study on children 2 to 18 years of age with upper respiratory infections.  30 minutes before bedtime, they were given one teaspoon of buckwheat honey or honey-flavored dextromethorphan (DM), the most common OTC cough syrup.


Honey reduced intensity and frequency of cough, aided sleep, and in every category honey outperformed cough syrup.


Honey For Allergies

Local honey is always best for airborne allergies.  Like an allergy shot but much cheaper (!) honey, propolis, and bee pollen harvested from local hives stimulates your immune system against allergy-causing pollens particular to your area.


Honey For Healing

Honey is among the most valuable health aids for lesions, wounds, burns, surgical cuts and lesions.  Cited research studies found that honey acted as a barrier against tumor implantation following laparoscopic cancer surgery which leaves a small hole that can spread cancerous tissue.


Honey vs Sugar

Sweet tooth?  Don’t worry about dental decay with honey.  Unlike sugar, you can use honey to sweeten tea or coffee because its strong anti-bacterial properties help protect teeth against plaque and gums against gingivitis, both of which are caused by bacteria.


Since recorded time, people around the world have known the value of bees, honey, propolis, and pollen.  Unfortunately, our brains are re-wired by a constant barrage of TV advertising.  It is not too late for those who want health at the least cost to the human body, and the bank account.  Thanks to the internet, over 65% of the population in America has used one or more forms of CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) and the numbers are much higher in other countries.


Andrews on Veterinary Prescriptions and common senseI have no medical training.  I only provide anecdotal advice.  But note that most prescription drugs are chemicalized (patentable versions) of something growing in your backyard or a mountain meadow.  They are those things naturalists call herbs and drug companies call “discoveries.”


My job isn't to convince you of anything, only to present new ideas and medical studies.  The rest is up to you.   If you open your mind to the "newness" of ancient remedies, you and your dogs can benefit.

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