Looking for a career? What could be better than working with dogs? Veterinary Medicine is a great field and if you really want to secure a future as a veterinarian, look into large animal medicine.





and Federal bill will help pay tuition!


Ladies, you don't have to be strong to work with large animals. What could be better than being in Vet School with others who care about animals? Answer: Having the government pick up part of your tuition!


For the first time in history, women outnumber men in Small Animal Veterinary Practices and an overwhelming 75% of vet school students are female. In fact, several Veterinary schools now have women Deans.


There is however, a shortage of vets in large animal practice and research, which may prove attractive for both men and enterprising young women. Budget tight? Don’t despair. Congress recently passed a bill that supplements scholarships for the graduate vet who contracts to work in underserved areas of the U.S.


The new trend of merging animal and human care in veterinary and human research presents even more opportunity. Don’t want to invest years becoming a vet?  There’s another unusual opportunity as more and more private vet practices are selling out to chains or franchises. Skip the school and buy or invest in the veterinary clinic business!


Some of the top veterinary colleges in the U.S. are Cornell, Colorado State, UC-Davis, Univ. Of Pennsylvania, NC State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Univ. Of Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Univ. Of Minnesota. Several are enlarging facilities due to the merger of human and animal medical research and in anticipation of bringing in more students to fill the growing shortage.


Now YOU know, and what better career for animal lovers than helping animals?

Reprinted Courtesy of National Pet Press V1-5



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