Human and Canine Diabetes Soaring

Mainstream media, supported by pharmaceutical advertising, failed to report these medical studies (ii Media Mishaps In Journalism) showing clear connection between immunizations and rising human and canine diabetes rates.





These 2012 medical reports reveal immune system over-stimulation connected to the human and animal diabetes epidemic.


One thing pets and people have in common is vaccine overuse so as a dog owner or parent, you need to know this!, the popular layman website, tried to downplay the connection as early as "Mar 31, 2004 - Study on proposed link between childhood vaccination and type 1 diabetes suggests that common vaccines do not increase the risk of diabetes..."


To no avail.  The medical reports continued to flow.  Dr. Harris Coulter said in his book DPT A Shot in the Dark. The DPT vaccine was the start of the diabetes epidemic, however once the glucose metabolism pathway is rendered dys- functional, then of course the sugary foods, starchy and genetically engineered cereal food-like particles are playing a part in the severity of diabetes and other diseases . Hepatitis B is also a vaccine leading to diabetes but the bottom line is simple; vaccines produce diabetes.


Vaccines are causing the epidemics of Type 1 Diabetes, Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes/ Metabolic Syndrome.” - Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA, CTCVH, & Herbology


"Both animal data and human data indicates that vaccines alter the risk of developing diabetes... Vaccines probably affect the risk of diabetes by modulating the immune system. The data in humans shows a strong association between immunization and the risk of insulin dependent diabetes (IDDM) Type I diabetes, an autoimmune disease."


"The current data shows that vaccines are much more dangerous than the public is lead to believe. Adequate testing has never been performed to indicate that there is any overall improvement in health from immunization. The current practice of vaccinating diabetics as well as their close family members is a very risky practice" says Dr. Colter.


"A newly published review in Current Diabetes Reviews by a scientist at Classen Immunotherapies provides evidence that the epidemics of type 1 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes are caused by vaccines. The paper provides a review of evidence that the vaccines are causing the epidemics of insulin dependent diabetes (type 1 diabetes), obesity and non insulin dependent diabetes (type 2 diabetes)." /PRNewswire-iReach/


The evidence continued to mount in 2012, volumes of medical press releases clearly stated "Vaccines cause ...epidemics of obesity and type 2/diabetes metabolic syndrome." and we found this paper particularly interesting "the epidemic is occurring in other highly immunized mammals including grass fed horses".


But then something silenced the flurry of "vaccines cause diabetes" and reports died an unnatural death with this release by a prominent veterinary researcher.


"One major problem with vaccines is the "one dose fits all approach", where in order to induce protection in the 1% with the weakest immune system you are over stimulating the immune system of the remaining 99% of the population and this is leading to epidemics of inflammatory diseases."


To view published papers and to find out the latest information on the effect of vaccines on autoimmune diseases including insulin dependent diabetes and metabolic syndrome, visit the Vaccine Safety Web site  and also Classen Immunotherapies, Inc., news distributed by PR Newswire:


More specific information on How Vaccines Deregulate The Immune System by Science and Advisory Board member Patricia Jordan, DVM, CVA

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