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Homeopathy: Shark Liver Oil


Most complimentary, alternative, or Homeopathic remedies are equally effective for dogs and people. Our pets are at risk to the same environment and diseases to which we are exposed. When dogs respond to a therapy or remedy, we know it works. Dogs help us learn safer ways to care for ourselves and our families. That is the Life Styles goal that homeopathy advocate Dorothy Martin would us to achieve. Shark Liver Oil can improve heart health, lower cholesterol, and aid in diabetes treatment.


Shark Liver Oil

by Dorothy “Dot” Martin


Some years ago, my husband went to the Doctor for a check up. To our great surprise he was not allowed to drive himself home. The doctor sent him straight to the hospital and arranged for a cardiologist to meet him there. He had a stint inserted in a blood vessel that was almost blocked and could have caused a serious heart attack. There was no heart damage and since then he is monitored every six months.


When we went to have the numerous prescriptions filled, the cost of all the medications almost caused him to have apoplexy. These were tried for awhile but the side effects were discouraging and ranged from loss of energy to nose bleeds. The Statin drugs (Zorcor, Vytorin, etc) were not pleasant to use. My husband is a very active person and the total effect of it all was most discouraging.


We set out to find a better way.


There were natural statins but they did not lower his cholesterol at all but then, neither had the name brands. On every visit to the doctor there was a cholesterol check done and it was always out of balance but not so high as to be off the chart. The doctors changed the drug or increased the potency several times during the past few years. Other than the cholesterol level, his blood pressure was always good and his stress test was just fine.


We tried Flax seed oil and Omega 3, Omega 6 fish oil combos that avoided the side effects of the by now abandoned name brand statin drugs, but the cholesterol was still a bit out of whack.


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Shark Liver Oil

Then a friend told us about Shark Liver Oil. He had started using it and for the first time ever, his report had been perfect. We ordered a bottle from the manufacturer and began to use it. The price was a pittance compared to the well advertised statins. We both started to use it. My cholesterol has never been checked but my theory was, “What’s good for one is good for all.”


After his most recent visit to the cardiologist, we waited with great anticipation for the results. When the office called to give him the results we were amazed. They gave him an excellent report and encouraged him to continue what he was doing. For the first time all the good and bad cholesterol levels were exactly correct. Now he swears by it and tells all his friends to try it.


Ladies, in a recent magazine article there was a statement to the effect that women are even more at risk for heart attacks than the men in our lives because the machines that examine blood vessels in the body are geared to the larger sized male blood vessels. Therefore our smaller vessels go undetected and we get a clean bill of health when actually we are at just as much risk for heart attack as our male family members. I will take my Shark Liver Oil daily just as my husband does.


Recently, a young female friend in her early 40’s was told that she was diabetic. Her physician had been monitoring her and recommended that she needed to start insulin injections on her next visit since her blood sugar continued to rise. It was close to 500. She was quite upset at the thought of taking insulin injections for the rest of her life. She requested that she have a week to adjust to the situation. In the meantime she visited a physician who uses homeopathy and natural products in his practice. Her blood sugar was at 500 by this time. She was sent home with a strict dietary regimen (no pasta, starches, etc for awhile) and a liquid form of SHARK LIVER OIL to take by the teaspoonful each morning for week. Her blood sugar dropped to 300 in 3 days! Over the next 2 weeks it was near normal. In our last conversation, she stated that she was at 120 and the numbers needed to be less than 100. Please note that diet was included with shark liver oil in her treatment for the diabetes. If you are interested in trying this, do so under your doctor’s care.


We obtain our Shark Liver Oil from the company below. There may be other sources but this one I know and it does work. This company states on each bottle that it processes the oil from their own fishing operations off the coast of Baja, Calif.


Seagate Omega- 3 Shark Liver Oil. A bottle of 200 softgel 250 mg capsules is about $30.00 per bottle with a small shipping charge. You may order on line at or 888-505-GATE. Delivery is usually in a matter of a few days.


To your continued good health. 075125


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