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In Disaster Survival Plan 1 you learned about normalcy bias so here’s your plan for surviving riots, natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, wildfires or war...





by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor


If the news erupts with really bad news... you don't panic, you are prepared to survive and protect your family, including the dog which you will put to work!


It seemed the earth began to shudder in 2013! Egypt erupted in deadly violence, China suffered a  devastating earthquake in July and Pakistan flooded. Here in the U.S. Hurricane Sandy, killer wildfires, and sinkholes caused natural disaster insurance claims to skyrocket to over $85 billion by mid-summer.


In a disaster situation, your dog can carry a pack to include dry food and MRE.I trust you've already read Disaster Survival Plan 1 and 2 so you are psychologically prepared and have your custom-tailored survival supplies packed and ready. Remind yourself again that the disaster packing list is not for a vacation, it is SURVIVAL! If you or your children can do without it, don’t pack it. You may end up with just a back pack of what you need. If you have dogs they too will carry packs so get them used to it now. They will love it. Working dogs love to work.


You learned what to keep in your car in Part 1 but here's a word about clothing.  Take a tip from the homeless when it comes to layering clothing. You will need clothes appropriate for weather year-round because the chaos could go on for six months or more. You won’t have the luxury of washing and you will have to wear your clothes for many successive days.


For your clothing list: 12 or more pair of socks and underwear. Tennis or athletic shoes plus boots for hiking. Hat to protect your head. Heavy rain-proof jacket and a second heavy coat if you live in cold country. The warmest (light weight) blankets you have plus at least one thermal and one “space blanket” in your survival kit.  I have provided a detailed packing list (below) you can print out separately.


Don’t depend on the government to help you. Police and firefighters will be taking care of family.  Our government leaders will be busy getting themselves to Denver Airport with its truck-sized tunnels to Cheyenne Mountain’s underground bunker.


Denver International Airport's evil blue horse with red eyes.Speaking of that airport, I am degreed in Comparative Religion and I find the life-size artwork of terrorists, end-of-world depictions, eastern religious figures, massive plaques about the Freemasons and New World Order, and the display of gargoyle figures quite sinister, threatening, and eerily out of place.


One video of Denver International Airport (DIA) shows what looks like decontamination sprinklers in the ceiling at the entrance. There is rumored to be a concentration-type holding area beneath the airport that is the size of Manhattan. The most recent controversy that many perceive as a warning to be prepared for societal upheaval is the statue of Anabas, God Of Death and also the blue horse with glowing red eyes of death… The local newscast of the Denver International Airport Statues VIDEO raised the ruff (and concerns) of tuned in travelers (see below.


It is not just the United States that is planning for political chaos and economic disasters, other world governments are also studying the playbooks. The elitists will survive and unless you are on the inside, and by that I mean a close relative of a ruler or a Rockefeller, then you are not among the favored. So it is better to be prepared, even as we pray to be spared from riots, upheaval or disaster.


You will need a military gas mask if there is a biological weapons release.The NUMBER ONE item on your list is a good gas mask. Not a painter’s mask. I mean a military grade gas mask. You can also get a gas mask for your dog because our military protects its service dogs!


Hundreds of Syrians were killed near Damascus. There is also talk that other powers may use the AuAG virus on the public. AuAG is a virus that can be used in a gas form and is DEADLY. All developed countries have biological weapons of war. I'm told that is why we have the U.S. Plum Island bio weapons research facility [Ref #1].


Just released is a youtube video attributed to a former Senator warning of potential riots here, stockpiling of MRE rations (I recommend them too) and weapons, but the video also warns that the government may release the MERS corona virus VIDEO so be prepared (see below).


The media news is finally beginning to tell us what is going on economically. Yes we know we are in trouble but how much trouble and what it means, no one is saying. I teach many disciplines but the most important is common sense.  In that regard, it is better to be ready for disaster and not need your preparations than to need critical items you don’t have.


In my mind, survival of pets and children should be considered first but obviously, capable adults have to survive in order to insure the comfort and safety of those who can’t look after themselves.


As I said in Survival Part One you will need a disaster plan for at least 6 months. If things haven’t settled down by then you will have to go to plan “B” of your making. There are more and more survival shows on TV now and books are rolling off the presses. The demand is obvious and also is a clear warning that something is going on around the world.


The earth is going to be just fine. It is capable of surviving the abuses of mankind but many scholars say that is because nature gets rid of that which offends the natural balance of things. Species do become extinct but that happens over millennia so you need not be concerned. Encouraging to mankind is the fact that mother earth or “nature” balances her inhabitants by helping them evolve in ways that benefit the planet. We pray that mankind will do so.


Click to open and print Disaster Survival Plan Packing List so that it is always handy for you and your family.  You will also add to it according to your individual needs, age of your children, and pets you have. I you haven't read Disaster Survival Plan 1 it will help you to understand why being prepared is not just a Boy Scout motto.  Part 1 explains a disorder we psychologist call Normalcy Bias.


Reference and Related Information: [1]  U.S. Plum Island bio weapons research facility ~ why you might need a mask... Since Dr. Lee wrote Disaster Survival Plan for TheDogPlace, a new threat has been revealed.  It is known as HAARP (secret government weather control installations).  We were the first country to develop HAARP (or so we were told) but now know that 4 other countries have the global weather control installations...


Watch the Denver International Airport Statues VIDEO that clearly indicates an impending religious war on our soil. And if that isn't enough to worry about, you might also watch MERS corona virus VIDEO.

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