Looking For A Family Dog?  Which breeds are best with kids?  Which are good family protection dogs?  Should you get a purebred?  Should a family dog be from a pet shop or a Responsible Breeder?  Is the dog going to be a real family member?




Checklist for choosing a family pet; best breeds for kids, seniors? Shedding, coat care, low allergy, toy breed, guard dog, high energy? Free, professional advice from the world's first dog-site!!



What Dog Breed Do You Identify With?

See and share photos and we may feature YOU and your pet on our facebook page!



What Dogs Do For Us During Quarantine 2021

Owning a dog supports us emotionally and physically... what this owner does with her dog...


Owning a dog supports us emotionally and physically even if it is just the extra exercise of caring for them.


History of the Dog

Documented research, lavishly illustrated, how dogs evolved with mankind, makes your dog special.



Winter Dog Safety

Small breed or smooth-coated dogs have special winter concerns versus double-coated dogs.


Internet Puppy Buyer Beware

It's easy to be taken in by internet ads for perfect puppies, read, learn, beware and share!



Vital Tips For Managing Your Dog

Easy information on the right collars, canine diet, toenails, vet exams, jumping up, biting...



this is a safe place, full of

it's also a great opportunity for families to help the kids "teach the dog"

to respect rules, and schedules, and learning new stuff.


Instill the pleasure of reading adventure stories while learning about dogs.


The Magic Cave 1 - The Story  The Magic Cave 2 - The Readying


and The Magic Cave 3 - The Journey


Housebreak Puppy in 4 Days

If you and the puppy fail this first learning/teaching opportunity, he’s destined to be a yard dog instead of a 24/7 pal for you or your child.


Disaster Survival Plan

Dr. Lee's advice applies in the 2020 riots but is a critical plan for surviving natural disasters.


Paranoia Pandemic

Caused food shortages and huge demand for dogs to help with emotional stress! BUT...



Dog Bite Warning

As more people become city-dwellers we forget how to interact with dogs, thus the dog bite rate goes up but these warning signals can protect you.


The Human-Dog Connection

Psychologist-scientist shares amazing revelations, a special present to yourself and to your dog.


Small Dog Safety

Small dogs require common sense safety precautions since they cannot protect themselves even though toy breed dogs think they are giants and act accordingly.


Toy Dogs Aren't Toys

I have three small dogs and they are the apples of my eyes even though I've always had large breed dogs in the past.


Why Elephants Are Like Dogs

Insight from this video will change how you perceive your Best Friend's needs.


Canine Connection

I've had many great dogs but some are somehow “different” and I wonder if you have experienced this?


Dog Buying Guide

Purebred personality, size, and health is more predictable than a mixed breed.


DON’T Rules For Owners

Best advice for new owners!


A dog for the kids is part of the traditional American familyBest Breeds For Kids!

A "dog for the kids" to teach responsibility.


Your Personal Dog?

Remember Lassie, Lad or Sergeant Preston's King?


Best Dogs With Kids Photo Collection

The most defining photos EMAIL YOURS!


Non-Allergenic Family Dog?

Dr. McNicholas on how dogs boost a child's immune system.


Fear of the 4th

Explosions and shouting crowds can traumatize your dog so leave him home on the 4th!


Tethering Or Tying

Tie him out 10 to 15 minutes but "tethering" him where you can’t see him is unforgivable.


Family Dog Comes Back?

A dog dies but then a miracle takes place; true story by AKC judge!


Oxytocin Magic

Why communication is so uniquely developed in your dog!


Hurricane Rescue

Animals suffered but this amazing story soothes the heart...


Disaster Preparedness

Vet advises innovative gadgets like Pet GPS locators!


Disaster Plan Packing List

You won't have time then so print this list.


More Disaster Survival

Tailored to families with children and pets.


Evacuating With Pets

Cell phone and medications aren't enough.


Dogs In Mourning

President Bush's service dog lying by the casket...



There's nothing more rewarding for you and the family dog than training, done right from the world's 1st dog-site!


Safety Tips

Don't be an April Fool...Puppy safety is like child safety as they explore and discover life. Here’s how to protect your pet and your budget.


When It's Time

How do you know when to let your best friend go? The most powerful message you will read today.


Reggie the Labrador Retriever, his name was TANKReggie's Letter

will bring tears to your eyes but we run it every Veteran's Day. As you celebrate the freedom our soldiers provide, hug your dog, he understands.


How Dogs Are Different

Compared to all other domestic animals.


Fencing The Family Dog!

Practical, plus shocking truth on ELECTRIC fences.


Grieving Pets Need Help

How scent can help a dog through this tragic time.


Common Sense

Online questions show how little we know!


Picking Up The Poo

Pooper-scooper laws prevent disease and...


Anxiety Or Destructive Behavior

How to solve problems dogs can’t understand.


Dog Bite Statistics

can affect your Homeowner's Insurance.


Who Gets Custody

Divorce court concern about pets solved by a dog "judge".


Christmas Gift

Why a puppy epitomizes the real meaning of Christmas.


A puppy for Christmas is on every kid's wishlistGifting A Puppy

Christmas chaos can overwhelm an already stressed puppy and he could be an unwelcome gift!


A Dog For Christmas

A dog can make every day Christmas, especially for an only child. When your child begs for a dog remember this true story of a well-known writer...


Health studies prove that children who grow up with a family dog are overall healthier and have stronger immune systems.


The Old Man, Old Dog

How far will you read before you understand?


Chihuahua Photo by Associated PressMost Aggressive Dog Breeds

This list will surprise you and help you decide!


Empty Arm Syndrome

There is no comfort when your pet dies but AKC judge says fill your heart with another pet.


Find An Ethical Breeder

who will be there after the sale with advice!


What I Want For Christmas

We asked top breeders and got the answers!


What is this dog thinking?  His sadness is palpable.  Is this how dogs pray?Most Faithful Dog

This dog attends mass every day. Does he pray to be with his owner?


Dog Buying Guide

Purebred personality, size, and health is more predictable than a mixed breed.


Pet Leasing Scam

Pet shop rip-offs covered on CBS news!


HSUS' Responsible Breeders

How HSUS advises families...


Why Not A Designer Dog?

Why cross-breed inferior purebreds?


Super Hound To The Rescue

fascinating facts on Dogs Finding Dogs...


Coonhound Rescue Walk

Extraordinary mountain scenery in MA.


When To Let Go

My little Sheltie is not at the door to greet me when I return from judging trip...


A "Forever" Family Member

How to insure the dog fits your family BEFORE purchase or adoption.


A well-trained guarding breed is the best all-around personal security protection.


Family & Home Protection

Peace of mind is a burglar alarm that loves you.


Choose The Right Breed

It's critical to match your lifestyle.


Seniors in the household? Choose a calm, easy-care breed.  Dogs help seniors get more exercise and simply stroking a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure.


Choosing A Family Dog

AKC judge on size, trainability, and good with children.


Things To Know

... about your dog. Although he's been with people longer than any other creature, he is not a human child.


A Dog Day Of Fun

Small minds discovered while walking her dogs in the park.


For your little girl, choose a breed for cuddling and confiding in; for your son, an active breed suitable for rough and tumble.


Choosing A Personal Dog

How to match your lifestyle and needs.


Just A Pet ? True Story

What a clumsy puppy did for a WWII veteran who served his country at great cost.


Breeders Give Thanks

What Coton, Bedlington, Chihuahua, and Shar Pei breeders are most thankful for.


Who Takes Care Of The Dog?

Prepare them with this before you go.


Are You A Good Dog Owner?

Take quick quiz to learn WHY pets are not welcome in many places...


Dog Dilemmas?

Simple solutions for mange, allergies, heat stress, fencing, behavior, and safety tips for family harmony.


Why Choose A Purebred?

Prefer to gamble or bet on a sure thing?


Guard and Bully Breeds

AKC judge says think “ahead” to prevent trouble.


Sneezing Communication

Do you understand your dog’s body language?


Your Breed Choice Must Fit

AKC judge explains breed characteristics.



Psychologist shares amazing revelations about both species.


Canine Jealousy Explained

How to introduce the family dog to the new baby.


Why Heat Kills Dogs

Before taking your dog on a quick ride to the store, learn why beloved dogs die every summer!


Thanksgiving Dog

Give thanks for the mysterious quirk in nature that became your domestic dog.


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