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Psychology professor's 2016 survival plan for life on the edge, especially for pet owners with "normalcy bias" who need essential reality in these turbulent times!




by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor


If you have children and/or pets, you must become self-reliant because as a teacher (and student) of human behavior, I know we are seldom prepared for disaster.  Here’s why. Most humans have a disorder called “NORMALCY BIAS.” As a doctor, let me ask you a few questions and we’ll see if you have it and then I will tell you what it is and what to do about it.


You come home and find out your electricity has been turned off. How many times do you flick the light switch? Three? Four? You go out and get into your car and the engine is dead. How many times do you turn the key? Twice? Three times? This unthinking behavior is called “NORMALCY BIAS.”


People riot during disasters because they have not planned for survivalIt is caused by a lifetime of programming. We expect certain things according to the way we have lived our lives. If we have always worked, we can’t imagine being without a job. If we’ve lived in the lap of luxury our whole lives, we can’t conceive of hard work. We talk about the “Big One” but our perception depends on where you live. In California it is the BIG earthquake. Mid-West it would be a tornado of huge proportions. In the Gulf States it is a hurricane. But in our minds we don’t really believe that kind of disaster will ever affect us, not really.


There has always been talk about End Times and the “end of the world.” We have all talked about it, but we don’t really believe it will be in our life time. 


We can’t imagine the end of our country either. Each one of us has lived a life with the United States Of America as the strongest, the richest, most powerful country in the world. The U.S. dollar is accepted everywhere in the world. We have heard rumors that our economy will fail but there's that Normalcy Bias thing again, we don’t worry about it because the world’s currency has always been measured by the U.S. dollar.


Not long ago we couldn't imagine riots in the streets but people already teetering on the edge turn to violence and protest when things go wrong. That is not "normal" human reaction to crisis but it has become all too common this year.


How many of you are prepared? Not very many I’ll wager. We are too busy, the budget doesn’t allow for extras, and deep down, we don’t believe WE will need a survival kit.




That was the case in Greece and France and many other counties. Is “the end” coming? I don’t know but I do know this, there is a time of turmoil coming. Chaos will be the rule of the land and if you are not ready you will not survive well, if at all. If (when) our monetary system fails, the result will push us over the lip of civility in this country. “But what do I do?” you ask. Nothing, it is out of our hands. This has been in the making for years and we just closed our eyes; lived, spent and partied to the very edge of our being.


But now we must face natural and/or social disaster as very likely and take steps to survive a shift in our reality, to make life safer and a little more tolerable for your family and your animals.


Your Family Survival Kit Essentials

First of all, if you live in a city, make sure you have picked a place to go where you will be safer. The less people the better. Plan to spend about six months there. It will take that long for basic civility to return. If you don’t believe me just pay attention to the news tonight and see all of the robberies, murder and mayhem and most of all, the riots in other countries which are occurring right NOW! Imagine what it would be like if there was no money, no food, no gasoline and no medicine. It wouldn’t matter if you had those things or not, you would be challenged for what people believe you might have. Forget about doctors. They will be in the same situation as you are.  Pharmacies and hospitals will have been robbed first.


Plan a disaster survival escape route now!So plan now: Find the safest place you can get to without a long drive. Then assemble medical supplies for your survival kit. If you or anyone in your family, including your pets, are on prescription medication, stockpile it. Depending on location and ownership, stockpile duplicate disaster supplies at that location.


Each shopping trip, begin to assemble the disaster packing list of essentials I've prepared for you starting with a dozen tubes of Neosporin! It will become your best friend. In the not very distant past, many people died from common infections that are unheard of with today's medicine but without proper sanitation, they will re-emerge.


Pack your car with supplies for the familyNow a word about your car. NEVER let it get below half a tank. There will be little warning and you saw the mile-long lines gas during Hurricane Sandy and other disasters. Half a tank will take you out of the city but keep a 5 gallon gas can in reserve, alternating it to keep it fresh.


Once you run out of gas, chances are you won’t be able to get more but DO NOT get rid of your car. It can serve many purposes.  Your locked car can be a place to sleep out of the elements. When it is cold outside even a little sun will warm the inside of the car. This could be important to your survival.


Keep at least a partial survival kit (blankets, bandages and batteries) in the car at all times.  Now that you are thinking, add to that vital survival items (rotate prescriptions and other items for freshness) in a backpack.  If you have more than one car, duplicate the survival backpack in each car.  The webmaster will send you PDF copies for friends who you worry are over-endowed with Normalcy Bias and therefore won't follow your advice to look up all the information he provided at the end of this.


Stock up on water. It takes about 3 gallons per day per person and if you have pets, even more. That isn’t counting bathing (which will be a luxury) but it will be enough for brushing your teeth. Buy bottled drinking to store and collect other water in garbage cans.  Part 2 has much more details about clothing and other items for your disaster preparedness checklist.


Disaster Survival With Pets

Now for our pets. Most can not survive without you. The wild has been bred out of them and they will slowly starve and die alone. You have to make plans for their survival too. That means veterinary medicines including antibiotics so be sure you stock pile starting now.


You know how much your pets eat so plan on a six months supply. Dry foods are best as they are light weight and compact compared to canned food. No matter how spoiled your pets may be, dry food is preferable to starving!


Water long-term could be a serious problem so make sure you have notes on clean natural water sources along your route and where you will be staying. Take extra “pet containers” to collect water from ponds or streams so that you can save the bottled water for your family.


Pack your pet’s disaster survival kit now!Pack extra collars, leashes, or harnesses in your pet’s survival kit. And speaking of harnesses, if you have strong dogs, purchase canine back backs! They may need to literally “carry their weight” if you wind up walking. Remember this isn’t a vacation, it is survival.


We will talk about survival food and first aid in Disaster Survival Plan 2. This is a lot to absorb and if your basic reaction is “she’s nuts” just smile and read part two and the packing list anyway and at least think about taking precautionary steps now.


Remember, just because the talking heads on the TV don’t tell you these things doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. NORMALCY BIAS affects them too. Plus they can only read what is on the script and our leaders will avoid mass panic as long as possible.  Do not depend on our government to help us. They will be to busy trying to save themselves as our leaders head for Denver International Airport.


Well, the editor understood about Normalcy Bias and asked for more detailed information so I provided Disaster Survival Plan 2 and then click to open and print Disaster Survival Plan Packing List so that it is always handy for you and your family.  You will also add to it according to your individual needs, age of your children, and pets you have, and be sure to share with friends.


Good luck and God speed.

Copyright #20111512165r2


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