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I enjoy answering online questions about dogs but you’ll get a kick out of these as we learn about good sense and how little we know!






Sherry L. Shivley, Top Journalist Award Winner 2014


I enjoy answering questions online about dogs, something I know a little about. I thought that it would be simple, like what treats are good for fluffy? Things like that. Not so!


There is a fixation on rabies: “I was bitten 6 years ago by an unvaccinated domestic dog. It didn’t die, but now I have pain in that knee, and I have a fever…” Or “My dog licked my wound. Should I get vaccinated??” and just this week, “A two week old puppy scratched me. Should I go to the ER for the Rabies Vaccine?


This is just a tip of the iceberg. People are OBSESSED by rabies! If the neighbor’s dog licks them, they are headed to the hospital! Good Grief people! Not every mammal on earth has rabies!!!


Then there are the really good ones, “My dog is licking her period. Will she get sick?” My reply was "Why is your dog not spayed? Then this would not be an issue."

I got reprimanded because I was being sarcastic, and apparently broke the “ Nice Rule”. My Bad. Sorry.


Is it necessary to mate my pet dog even though I don’t want puppies?” I was nice. No reprimand. But really! Come on!! Spay her and make her an outstanding couch potato!


ANNND my favorites - “I’m 14 and my dog is 6 months old. Can he make me pregnant.”  “How can you stay infection free during sex with a dog?”  I stayed away from these two. I was afraid of another “Be Nice” reprimand.


Do Dogs mind if you watch them poop?” I asked my dogs and they said they were fine with it. They just don’t understand my obsession with collecting it.


The “rare breeds” questions cause my blood pressure to rise- but I try to educate, hoping if folks stop buying them, they will quit being bred. “Why are Shepardoodles so rare?” “Or Blue Boxers”, or any of the hundreds of the mixes that should not be mixed, and often turn into crazy, unhealthy psycho dogs. I actually found a photo of a blue boxer puppy!


Where can I buy a Czech Wolf Dog?” Or a Husky-wolf mix, or wolf anything mix. Wolves are WILD animals. Play with a bear or mountain lion. Then decide if you want a Wolf mix.


Can Pugs eat Hush Puppies?” Sure they can! They love all that fat and flour, and veterinarians love the after hour billing they can charge!


There are some really legitimate questions that I don’t mind answering- because it is helping an animal have a happier life. “How often should I walk my new puppy?” Questions like “How do I get my puppy to stop messing in the house, eating shoes, furniture, the refrigerator, bed, floor, door” makes you wonder where the breeders are… This worried me… “My puppy is thin and has food all the time, what is wrong?


So many people go into pet ownership with love, and no experience. At my ripe old age, I don’t know it all, but I know enough to help the newbies along.


I recommend training and exercise for bored puppies, veterinary checks for sick pups, and patience and love for all of them.


When an owner asks how to get over the loss of a beloved pet, that one is harder. It takes time, and it never gets easier. You can only give support and love across the net.


When you get an upvote for your advice, you feel like you are on the right track and you hope someone out there takes what you give, uses what they can, and helps someone down the line.


Stay Kind, Help One Another, and Don’t get Reprimanded!  See ya on the net!

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