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More pet treats deaths! Dog judge on safe, healthy treats your dog prefers, no cost, no fuss, natural treats you already have!





Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor/Canine Consultant


All of us love to buy goodies for our pets, but now we are hearing that treats can kill them. In fact, pet treats have already killed over 600 pets nationwide.


There was another news warning on all major TV networks on Oct. 26th making it hard for the list of recalled pet foods and treats (1) to keep up.


What are the alternatives to pre-packaged treats which over and over, are recalled AFTER dogs have been poisoned?What are the alternatives to pre-packaged treats which over and over, are recalled AFTER dogs have been poisoned. This time, the FDA isn’t even sure if it is the ever-present salmonella.


In less time than it takes to open the miserable plastic or cellophane packages we can provide natural and healthy treats for our dogs, without cooking or making dirty dishes. Real food treats are readily available and much less expensive than pre-made and in many cases pre-poisoned doggy treats.


I’m talking about carrots, apples, bananas, and raw sweet potatoes. No need to worry about whether your pigs ears, rawhide strips, duck jerky, and now even sweet potato jerky, are contaminated. No need to get out your magnifying glass to read the fine print to determine the country source of your ingredients.


Off you go to the grocery store or produce stand. Isn’t that easy? All of these items, except the bananas (2) keep fairly well. You might want to freeze the bananas to keep them. The apples and carrots keep in the refrigerator for a long time. At my house they don’t last long.


All the dogs go crazy when the carrots come out.All the dogs go crazy when the carrots come out. An apple keeps my dogs happy on cold or rainy days when they need to be inside. Depending on the size of the dog the fruit or veggies may need to be cut into pieces although a big dog can easily handle a whole apple.


The carrots keep the teeth clean as an added bonus.


I don’t know about you but I’m sick of having to worry about what my dogs consume. Another big plus is being able to either grow my own or buy apples, carrots and other fresh vegetables while I’m at the grocery.


BTW I feed Costco Nature’s Domain Salmon and sweet potato. After hearing about the poison jerky I became concerned about the source of the sweet potato. I was pleased to find that all ingredients in Nature’s Domain are sourced (not “packaged in”) in either the US or Canada.


(1) Pet foods & treats recalled, searchable 5 year list

(2) Bananas are Mood-Food snacks dogs love!

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