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A handy, dandy, doggy thing to know…

By Delilah Penn


There are quite a few people out there that will swear their dog must be human.  Facial expressions, motions the dog goes thru, sounds it makes can definitely give us the impression that the dog is almost human.  But what a lot of people don’t realize is a dog is a dog period.


Example: If it barks like a dog, walks and wags like a dog, and looks like a dog it’s probably a dog.


I have seen people put their children at enormous risk by leaving the family dog alone with the children.  You may have had the dog for years, it may have been raised with children and you may believe that the dog is one of the children in the household and wouldn’t dare harm anyone in the family but the simple fact is; a dog is a dog, period.


There is a pecking order. The head of the pack (mother or father) and the pack (dog and children) in that order. Of course, I have seen many a Chihuahua ruling the roost.


For the most part the dog will have a higher rank in the pack than the children until they get older.  Therefore, the dog feels that it’s duty to the pack is to serve, punish (if needed) and protect.


Let me explain…. Did you know that the way a mother dog makes her puppies behave and be quiet is by placing her mouth over their little heads an applying pressure?  Not too much unless the puppy makes more racket then the mother dog will apply more pressure until the puppy quiets down.


How do our children react to pain or discomfort?  They cry, yell, scream (usually shrilly) which can cause the dog to have an instant “normal” reaction of placing it’s mouth over the head or closest part of the child’s body and applying pressure to stop the noise.  How does the child react? Same as above but at much higher volume!!  So the dog clamps down harder.  The next thing you know the child has been bitten, sometimes severly. The dog doesn’t know that humans are supposed to make noise when in pain and the child doesn’t know to be quiet like a puppy when pressure is applied.


If more people realized and understood some of the things that make a dog tick there would be less injury to us and less termination of good dogs doing what dogs do.


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