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Stories for young people because a dog's Best Friend is a kid!  You can tell all your secrets to your dog because he or she will never tell a soul. Parents allowed when accompanied by a kid.


Buy Or Adopt?

A dog can complete a family with or without children. Dr. Lee says a dog is perfect for career couples who have love to share so...


Did You Feed The Dog?

How one couple taught their son to take care of his pet.


God Works At The Post Office

He answered this little girl's letter when the family dog died. This photo and true story proves it.


Choose The Right Dog

Important decisions before bringing your new dog home.


Care For Your New Dog

Dr. Lee on heading home with your best new friend, the puppy's bed and how to feed.


Zoe Was A Weimaraner

6th grader Joline shares her loss.  It's all about growing up.


The man-creature came on All Hallows Eve, the evening of Halloween but the family dog was ready for him.On All Hallow's Eve

The kids had worn him out pretending to be goblins but something woke him and he reverted to ancient guardian and... let the dog out tonight!



Get Your Hotdogs! and many more photos.


Happy Halloween

This is why dogs hate Halloween.  Lotsa photos!

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A Dog For Christmas

She willed herself to stay asleep, to continue the dream. True story of a well known dog owner, so when your child begs for a dog…


Handy Doggy Things

The first thing to know about a dog? Although he's been with people longer than any animal, he is an animal, not a human child.



We're warning you!  You better not.  Rules for dog owners.


Quick-Draw McGraw is a western hero in The Kids Place at TheDogPlace.orgQuick Draw McGraw

A most entertaining tale about a cowboy who saves the Soda Shop.  Hey mom, you remember those?


North Carolina Dream Dog

A family with an Autistic Child find happiness in "Happy".


More Stories To Share

Teach the importance of reading to your child.

The Magic Cave

The Story

The Magic Cave

The Readying

The Magic Cave

The Journey

Warm Fuzzies

A mean ol' prickly tries to change the whole town to be just like him.



Kids and pets, a great combination, when properly managed!


Vital Tips And Tricks

We've gathered together a safe bag of tricks for you to reach into.