Looking For A Family Dog?  Which breeds are best with kids?  Which are good family protection dogs?  Should you get a purebred?  Should a family dog be from a pet shop or a Responsible Breeder?  Is the dog going to be a real family member?FAMILY DOG TRADITION


Checklist  for choosing a family pet; best breeds for kids or seniors, small dog, big dog, long coat or short? Kid's pet or guard dog? Low Allergy?  High energy? Free, professional advice on choosing the right breed.



4th Of July Trauma

Celebration with explosions and shouting crowds can traumatize your dog, causing lifelong fear phobias so leave him home on the 4th!


Guard and Bully Breeds

AKC judge says owners must be aware and learn to think “ahead” of a protective breed to insure it stays out of trouble.


Choose The Right Breed

It's critical but easy to choose the right purebred dog to match your lifestyle.


Choosing A Family Dog

Based on size, disposition, trainability, budget considerations, and compatibility with children.


Are You A Good Dog Owner?

Take quick quiz to learn WHY pets are not welcome in many places...


Why Choose A Purebred Dog?

Are you a gambler or do you prefer a sure thing?  Don't disappoint the family.


For your little girl, choose a breed for cuddling and confiding in; for your son, an active breed suitable for rough and tumble.


Reggie's Letter

It will bring tears to your eyes but we do it because it is Veteran's Day. As you enjoy the freedom we celebrate, you know who to thank... and hug your dog, he understands.


Sneezing Communication

Do you understand your dog’s body language as well as he reads yours? Scientists reveal the signals...


Your Breed Choice Must Fit

AKC judge explains how a breed's characteristics fit your family's lifestyle.


The Human/Dog Connection

Psychologist-scientist-owner shares amazing revelations about both species.


Choosing A Breed Depends On Your Lifestyle


Choosing the right breed depends on one's lifestyle!  The Toy Fox Terrier is "just right" for Lisa Herman (pictured) who loves Agility.


Big Boy, True Hurricane Rescue

2017 set weather records and animals suffered the same loss of life and habitat as did the people but this amazing dog story soothes the heart...


How To Find An Ethical Breeder

Find a healthy purebred and someone who will be there after the sale with care and advice!


Small Dog Safety

They cannot protect themselves even though they think they are giants and act accordingly.


Who Takes Care Of The Dog?

Dog sitter or neighbor, prepare them with this information before you go.


Canine Jealousy Explained

Advice on how to introduce the family dog to the new baby or puppy?


Seniors in the household? Choose a calm, easy-care breed.  Dogs help seniors get more exercise and simply stroking a dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure.


Who Gets Custody of The Pet?

A major divorce court concern; sensible solutions by a dog "judge".


Empty Arm Syndrome

There is no comfort when your pet dies but AKC AKC judge says fill your heart with another pet.


Just A Pet ? True Story

What a clumsy puppy did for a WWII veteran who served his country at great cost.


The Old Man, Old Dog

How far will you read this short story before you understand?


Teach the importance of reading to your child.KID'S PLACE


a great place to instill the pleasure of reading between parent and child.  It's also a great place for kids and dogs to learn respect for rules, schedules and so much more...


A well-trained guarding breed is the best all-around personal security protection.


Do You Have A Personal Dog?

Remember Lassie, Lad or Sergeant Preston's King? A personal dog will change and enrich your life.


Choosing A Personal Dog

It's surprisingly easy to choose the right dog to match your lifestyle and needs.


Breeders Give Thanks

What Coton, Bedlington, Chihuahua, and Shar Pei breeders say they're most thankful for.


What I Want For Christmas

We asked top breeders what they most wanted for Christmas and got interesting answers!



A puppy for Christmas is on every kid's wishlistWhy a puppy epitomizes the real meaning of Christmas and pokes fun at scientists.


Gifting A Puppy

Why it's better to involve the kids now and pick up the puppy after the holiday!


A Dog For Christmas

She willed herself to sleep, to continue the dream. True story of an only child...


Thanksgiving Wolf-Dog

Give thought and thanks for the mysterious quirk in nature became your domestic dog.

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Common Sense

I enjoy answering online questions about dogs but you'll get a kick out of these as we learn about good sense and how little we know!


Best Breeds For Kids!

A "dog for the kids" is a non-critical confidant to share a child's dreams and teach responsibility.


Health studies prove that children who grow up with a family dog are overall healthier and have stronger immune systems.




is a safe place, chock-full of

It's also a great opportunity for parents to help the kids teach the dog to respect rules and schedules, and to feed the dog!


Grieving Pets Need Help

Dogs can suffer overwhelming grief when the owner dies; here’s how scent can help the dog (and you) through this tragic time.


Non-Allergenic Family Dog?

Dogs can actually boost the immune system in young children.  Dr. June McNicholas stated that...


3 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

This list will surprise you and help you decide on the right breed to fit your family.


Dogs Are Different

Comparing the dog to other domestic animals makes your choice easy!


Vital Tips To Manage Your Dog

Collars, diet, jumping up, toenails, vet exams, why dogs bite, kids and dogs and housebreaking.


Dog Bite Statistics

Although indisputably flawed, they can affect your eligibility for Homeowner's Insurance.




Training A Dog


There's nothing more rewarding for you and the family dog than training, done right.


Housebreaking Puppy In 4 Days

It's the first thing puppy must learn because it is critical to his survival as a house dog.


DON’T Rules For Dog Owners

Print this out for new owners! They’ll think of you every time they say “DON’T”


Fencing The Family Dog!

Practical reasons for a fenced yard and the shocking truth on ELECTRIC fences.


Obviously, you can get stuck on a problem either before or after you've chosen your family dog.


Canine health can be helped by solving problems all dog owners face sooner or later.Dog Dilemmas?


Mange, allergies, heat stress, fencing, behavior, safety tips for family harmony


Anxiety Or Destructive Behavior

How to solve problems often caused by human events dogs can’t understand.


Disaster Survival Plan

Psychology professor's plan especially for pet owners with "normalcy bias" in turbulent times!


More Disaster Survival Planning

Tailored to families with children and pets.  Includes a packing list for SURVIVAL! Pt 2


Survival Plan Packing List

You won't have time to assemble critical essentials like medications and trauma supplies, so print this list.


Emergency Evacuation With Pets

Grabbing your cell phone, medications, and water isn’t enough if you have pets.


A "Forever" Family Member

How to insure the dog fits your family BEFORE purchase or adoption.


Family & Home Protection

Worried about soaring crime rates? Peace of mind is a burglar alarm that loves you.


A dog that is part of the family enriches everyone's life experiences and perceptions.


Most Faithful Dog

This dog attends mass every day. Does he pray to be with his owner?


HSUS' Responsible Breeders

How HSUS defines us and advises families is okay but...


Why Elephants Are Like Dogs

Insight from this video will change how you perceive your Best Friend's needs.


Why Not A Designer Dog?

Hybrid Purebred?  Why cross breeding two inferior purebreds offers disappointment.


Can A Family Dog Come Back?

A dog dies but then a miracle takes place; true story of a strange phenomenon.


Glorious History Of The Dog

Fascinating and authentic, from ancient breeds to today's lapdog.


Super Hound To The Rescue

True rescue story of incredible hero & fascinating facts on Dogs Finding Dog...


Coonhound Rescue Walk

Extraordinary mountain scenery (photos) along with hound owners in MA.


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