What IS it about dogs that makes them entirely different from any other animal on earth? Learn from this psychologist-scientist’s amazing revelations about both species.





The Human-Dog Connection

by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND.


We often use words without thinking of how they are joined or the one and only word that will convey exactly what we mean. For example the word connect comes from the Latin word connectere; meaning to bind together. Connection; from the same root word means; a joining, a relation between things that depend on, involve, or follow each other; etc.


Real men learn about real love as exemplified by a "boy and his dog" I chose this title carefully. What greater connection than to have a relationship with a being that will love us unconditionally? Now, it is certainly true that there are other animals that love humans but when you stop and think about it, that love is conditional, meaning “it depends” on the time of day, whether you have food in your hand, whether your horse would rather graze or carry you around on his back, whether the elephant would rather clear heavy timber for his mahout or hang out with the ladies.


Only the dog would always rather be with the person it loves. Only the dog will leave a meal when you call. Only the dog submitted willingly to domestication, came to our campfire and elected to stay with humans.


The dog is the most giving and loyal, the most thinking and kind, and the most forgiving animal on the planet.


A relationship that unique must surely have been planned by a great power for it does not exist anywhere else in nature.


Who else in your life would forgive a brutal beating? Or starvation? Or abandonment? Is there one other individual in your life that will love you no matter what? Your dog doesn’t care how smart you are, what type of education you have, or what job you work at. Your dog doesn’t care if you are fat or thin, funny or morose. Your dog may eat you out of house and home but if the cupboard is bare, your dog will starve rather than leave you. There have been cases where a thoughtless person has taken their dog out to the country to dump it only to have the dog return home to that person.


I would say that was an amazing connection, if only one sided.


I have counseled many people who admit to becoming so frustrated and angry with life, that they have taken it out on the family dog. Perhaps that is part of the human-dog connection because that person might otherwise have harmed their child had the dog not been handier. Closer. There, always.


Even after a good hard kick, does the dog say, “the heck with you,” and leave? No, it cries out in pain, crawls away, and then in the next breath, when the remorseful owner calls, the dog comes with tail wagging, ready to do it’s masters bidding. Incredible!  Would you then say that there was a connection?


When end of life draws near a dog seems to understand how precious every minute becomesFor most of us, our dogs are not lower animals but true members of the family, with all of the rights and rewards dogs deserve. There are dog owners who have spent thousands of dollars to save the life of their beloved dogs when the need arose. Would you call that a connection? And yes, there are humans who haven’t yet been swayed by the love of a dog. But they may yet find that connection, that pull to the heart, or perhaps just the ego-boost that utter adoration from the dog can give to a human.


There are devoted owners who have eaten less to be sure that their dog had food. Wouldn’t you call that a joining of the heart, a connection? Dogs tend to bring out the best in people, generosity they didn’t know they had. People live in areas that they didn’t care for because finding a house or apartment to rent with a dog is almost impossible.


When you can tell your dog that you lied, lost your temper without cause, that you stole something; cheated, or let a friend down and the dog doesn't judge you but will instead cuddle closer and kiss you, wouldn't you call that a connection? You can tell a dog your deepest darkest secrets, fears and longings, and they will love you just the same today as they did yesterday. Isn’t that amazing?


Why then are so many dogs put to death because there are inhumane humans among us that will dump them? Which creature is lacking something in its makeup? Abandon? Abuse? Sadly, those people may never make the connection that will make them a better, more stable person.


THERAPY DOG AWARDS | RESCUE DOGS EXCEL!What about people who love from afar except for the dog that is theirs? People who just can't seem to connect with others?  That is dis-connection. The dog is their psychologist.  I know, I listen every day.


Dogs have the capability to be loving and loyal without expectations. To be fun to be with. To be our protectors and saviors. To understand the difference in our moods. To help us live longer and to heal faster, physically and emotionally. Dogs can be our hands when we're immobile, our eyes when we cannot see, or our feet when they no longer work. All dogs will sit by our sides when we cry, and play with us when we laugh.


TheDogPlace.org is where people that really care make a difference in the universal care and treatment of dogs. A place where we learn more about man’s best friend, and how to become humane caretakers, not just for our personal dogs but for dogs anywhere, everywhere. If you've read this far, you can make the connection because it is never too late. If you fail to understand why God put the dog on this earth, it will not be the dog's loss. It will assuredly be YOURS.


The Dog knows why he is here. It is time for YOU to make the connection.

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