Kids beg for a family dog but then forget to feed the dog. How one family solved the problem, taught responsibility, and helped their son learn to take care of his dog.





by Hope Andrews


We were having a problem getting our 12 year old son to take the responsibility of feeding the family dog.


He loves the dog, sneaks it to bed when he can, etc., but he was more into the computer and play and stuffing his own face than remembering to feed his dog.


Looking for a way to have his son understand that this wasn't just a question of obeying his parents, my husband reached for pen and paper.


Does he forget to feed the dog?  Is your child supposed to feed and water the family dog?First on the top of the page he drew a picture of a dog. The dog had tears coming out of his eyes.


Next to the dog he drew two dog bowls which on the front of each bowl read “empty!!”


Then there was the dog saying, "cry, cry, I’m so hungry, nobody loves me!! I wish I could feed myself!!"


Now on with the rest of the story!!


The dog appears to say "I want to eat all day and night. I love food. But I am only fed once a day between four and six p.m. So you know how much I look forward to my only meal. I know there are some wonderful foods I would love to eat. Oh to have such a variety of foods to taste and eat like you have, the smells coming from your plate almost drives me insane.


"But all I have to look forward to all night and all day till 6 p.m. is my one bowl of plain dog food. I don’t even get dessert.


"But you know, I really only look forward to it because I have to eat it for I will die without it.


"I love you and always have. I protect you, defend you, sleep under your window when you can’t sneak me into your bed. I play with you. I ask only one thing from you. FEED ME so I don’t suffer."


It did the trick! Now our son understands why we nag him so much about taking care of his dog.  He never forgets to feed the dog!

Copyright 2006


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