A Dog For The FamilyDo you doubt that this dog who attends Mass every day prays to be reunited with his owner? Do dogs go to Heaven?  Do these photos of the church-dog answer that question?






There is no FAITH like that of a dog.

ROME - Since his owner died two months ago, Tommy the dog has not missed a single mass in the small church in southern Italy where his mistress's funeral was held, Italian media said Wednesday.


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This faithful dog seems to address the congregation.  Does he know about Heaven?


When the bells of the Santa Maria Assunta church begin to toll each afternoon in San Donaci near Brindisi, the 12-year-old German Shepherd sets off from the village to get himself a front row seat next to the altar, Il Messaggero newspaper said.


This dog needs no absolution, his soul is secure as he dreams of joining his beloved owner


His owner, who was known in local dialect as "Maria tu lu campu" -- "Maria of the fields" -- had lived alone with Tommy and three other rescue dogs, who used to follow her faithfully on her daily rounds and have now been adopted by the village.


What is this dog thinking?  His sadness is palpable.  Is this how dogs pray?


After following his mistresses coffin up to the church on the day of her funeral, Tommy has returned daily, sitting quietly throughout masses, baptisms and funerals, according to local priest Donato Panna, who now wouldn't do without him.


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