Family DogWhy a puppy most epitomizes the real meaning of Christmas will delight you while poking fun at scientists who know so little about art, music, birds, chimps, and elephants.





Ethnicity, religion or lack thereof doesn’t matter. What most epitomizes the meaning of Christmas?


Love without reservation comes easily to mind. Being kind to each other without expectation of payback would surely be on everyone’s list of religious edicts.


Never holding a grudge is a huge spiritual achievement because, let’s face it, we are human. In fact, they say that self-awareness makes man unique in all of the animal kingdom. Of course that’s incorrect; chimps love mirrors and just like humans, they have ego. So forget the part about not holding a grudge. Anyone who tramples our self esteem is hard to forgive.


Religious holidays generate incredible works of art. Scientists say the ability to create art separates humans from other animals. They are locked up in the halls of higher learning, never actually venturing into the animal kingdom. Certainly they have never seen a spider’s web, the complexity of an eagle’s nest nor watched an elephant draw an image of an elephant.


Singing Christmas carols inspires us. Again, they say that singing separates us from lower life forms. “They” have never listened to a songbird, whales “singing” or the soft snuffle-sounds a mother dog makes as she licks her babies.


Christmas represents the ultimate sacrifice, proof of faith and fidelity. That last part gets a little tougher because in that regard, humans are fickle. We can love someone today and hate them tomorrow.


So forget what the scientists say. The real meaning of any religious teaching is to love unconditionally, without reservation. To forgive, even love those who insult, starve, or beat us.


So give a puppy for Christmas. A dog is the entire meaning of Christmas, a gift of love that comes pre-wrapped in the vestige of all religious teachings.


Think about it. A dog is the only creature that came to man of its own accord. It is the only animal that offered freedom, prefers to stay with us. Only the dog remains loyal, loving, and forgiving no matter how life treats it.


Isn’t that what every faith strives to teach its followers?

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