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Dogs serve as protectors of life and liberty, dogs serve on the farm, as service dogs, as military dogs, and above all, dogs serve as man’s best friend.



Veterans Day 11-11

A photo-tribute to America's Veterans, many of whom became famous AKC dog show judges, Capt. Haggerty, Larry Downey, Col. Pede...


Freedom, Not Death, For Military Dogs

Retirement for K-9 Corps-Military Dogs recently meant death until we achieved the ii Military Dog Retirement Act in 2015.



Joe White and launched the first National K-9 Veterans Day campaign nearly a decade ago.   You signed the K-9 Veterans Day petition so we can make it happen!


Dog Related Terror Incidents

Tactical changes direct terrorists to hit your daily routine (think NYC bicycle path) as in these current Service Dog and airline cases.


VIDEO Theater

Courtesy National Geographic

Civil War Dogs


We do not ask for money.  We ask only that you join our lobbying effort if you are a member of any National Breed Club, officer of any local Kennel Club, or board member of any Dog Legislation group.


Quick Instant "contact" Information for dog related concerns ii YOUR Governor, Senators, and Congressional Representatives


No Service Dogs For Vets

PTSD disabled veterans face up to 2 years wait time and $20,000 price tags.  Incredibly, not much has changed in 2017...


Modern War Dogs

See how  the K9 Corps serves democracy around the world; Army Scout dogs, canine paratroopers and the dog that got Osama Bin Laden!


Civil War Dogs

Immaculately researched history provides deadly battle details. This will bring shivers of horror and tears.


War Dogs Killed

U.S. government justifies killing K-9 veterans because it's cheaper than bringing them home?


What Is A Service Dog?

AKC Judge explains after WWI, German Shepherds became famous as guide dogs for the blind and gave wounded soldiers mobility. Dogs wearing a service dog harness should be welcomed everywhere.


Service Dog Discrimination

Americans with disabilities victorious against unfair "dangerous dog" laws. U.S. Dept. Of Justice rules against breed discrimination for dogs that serve the disabled.


Reggie's Letter

It will bring tears to your eyes but we run it every Veteran's Day. His name wasn't Reggie but you'll know who to thank...

In Memory of Joseph White


Support K-9 Veterans Day March 13thThis Editor personally worked with Joe to get K9 Veterans Day declared a National Holiday.  His selfless devotion to the dogs and veterans he served was/is inspiring.  As dog lovers, we can not allow Joe's vision of official recognition for K-9 Veteran's Day to become only a memory.  His wife was unable to carry on after his death but is dedicated to Joe's mission.


Veterans Day is November 11th and the NetPlaces Network asks everyone to stop and think about the animals who serve our country and protect our freedom. From carrier pigeons to military mules and service dogs, we pay tribute to K-9 Veterans Day and to its founder Joseph White.


To all the brave hearts who volunteer to serve this great nation - and to all the animals that are drafted - we thank you for your service.


We trust that 2017 will see the Veteran's Administration finally provide proper care and counseling for the men and women who gave their body parts, emotions and health to protect our freedom.


The NetPlaces Network successfully achieving passage of the Military Dog Retirement Act.

revised 1711


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