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The Coton's purpose in life is to love, entertain, and comfort his owner. No one knows the Coton de Tulear better than these Breed authorities who describe his unique coat, qualities, and character.


Ruth Weidrick, Coton Breed Representative

Ruth Weidrick's Windcrest Cottage Coton De Tulear are known the world over!Cotons are lively little dogs with non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, soft "cotton-like" coat. They are ideal family companions because the center of the Coton’s world is “their” human. A Coton will be your little white shadow, hanging onto every word you say, occasionally cocking their heads at your witticisms. Their captivating eyes appear to be rimmed with black eye liner and their happy-go-lucky personality draws attention like a magnet. They are playful, affectionate lap dogs, laughingly known as little kissing machines. Intelligent, eager to please, Cotons are so smart; they will have “You” trained before you know it. Averaging twelve pounds, the Coton is an agile, muscular self-exerciser that stays fit well into their senior years.


Photo: Poetry in motion, WindCatcher Princess was Voted Best Female 2009 National Specialty. She’s a daughter of Jespersen’s Ajax, three times World Champion, and two times World Champion Queen of Sheba of Woodland Cottage.


WindCrest Cottage Coton de Tulear takes health testing seriously thus our Cotons have a strong history of good genetics. Our puppies are carefully sold, micro chipped, have their first shots, and are lovingly socialized. Our door is always open and we welcome any questions you may have. Email: Phone: 859-319-9901 or visit:



American Coton Club, Coton Breed Representative

Visit the ACC for detailed information on the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear, the "Royal Dog of Madagascar". These delightful little fluff balls of love are non-shedding which make them perfect for people with dog allergies. They are a small breed but sturdy and hardy but importantly, the Coton is an anti-depressant breed, bringing joy to everyone they meet. They aren't fussy and love new adventures with their family and will adapt to any situation to which they are exposed from going to the market, a hike, soccer games or simply sitting in your lap to watch TV. Cotons are highly intelligent and an excellent choice for therapy training. They're so darn cute that the minute you look into their sweet eyes you are captivated. Please share our passion and love for the breed, the wonderful Coton de Tulear.


Photo: Coton de Tulear puppies are sweet little fluff balls of love known for their beautiful, airy, cotton coat. Leave it long or trimmed for easier maintenance. They can be elegant in full coat or practical in a puppy cut. Note the FCI breed standard and ACC Code Of Ethics.


Code of Ethics Coton de Tulear Breeders: All our breeding Cotons are health tested and lovingly placed in only the best homes who have been carefully screened. American Coton Club dogs are registered with a verifiable purebred Coton de Tulear pedigree. Make the ACC your first and last stop for a wonderful Coton de Tulear or call 916-216-1043.



Patricia Enright, Coton Breed Representative

Pat Enright's DiamondKrest Coton de Tulear's Matisse is a benchmark Coton and most-titled to date!The Coton is "a big dog in a little dog suit”, naturally sound, sturdy, athletic and which bonds closely to their family pack. A natural purebred evolving in the 14th Century, the Coton was bred for companionship, is easy going and good with good children. Deemed the "Anti-Stress Dog of the New Millenium", Cotons are an excellent candidate for Therapy work and the unique hair makes them suitable for most allergy and asthma sufferers. A predominantly white dog, puppies born with dark hair on the head, ears and body which often washes out into silvers and champagnes by adulthood is the Hallmark of the breed. Cotons excel in all areas with people who understand a thinking dog's mind and strive to develop a relationship with their canine soul mate.


Photo: Int'l CH Celestine Jenny's Gem "Matisse" CGC & TDI, record-holder for highest consecutive undefeated Group wins (over 80), most US CH titles to date, #1 all Systems US and Canada, 1998. His exceptional movement and coat texture defines a benchmark Coton only 7 generations back to Madagscar.


DiamondKrest Coton de Tulear: for over 15 years. Held offices in the Breed Club, and was officer and active member in 6 other all breed dog clubs. ARBA Approved to judge all breeds since 2004 and the first recognized Breeder/Judge and Seminar Presenter by the USACTC, Inc. Produced three number one ranking Cotons and several top ten ranking. Considered an educator and mentor of the breed, all inquiries can be sent to or call 631-957-1189 

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