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A 12" to 16" terrier developed around 1970 in Louisiana, the American Hairless Terrier is a fascinating genetic package and worth the trouble to keep warm!


Teri Murphy, Certified Breed Representative

Certified American Hairless Terrier Representative: Teri Murphy, CH 'PR' Wudnshu's Kendall McKidd "Kendall"The American Hairless Terrier is a highly intelligent and trainable breed. They will excel in performance events given the opportunity as well as being part of a family nestling with their humans. The hairless variety is an excellent choice for individuals who have been denied the joys of dog ownership either due to their own allergies or those of a family member. The skin is soft and supple and easy to care for. Sun protection is tantamount to good skin integrity throughout the AHTs lifespan.


Photo: CH 'PR' Wudnshu's Kendall McKidd "Kendall" 9/12/04, Her limited show career exemplified the best qualities of an AHT- Intelligence, Biddable nature and loyal companionship.  Kendall has been one of the treasured Foundation dogs at Wudnshu. Dam to CH. Wudnshu's Malibu Summer Rain and Grand Dam to CH Wudnshu Your So Vain & UKC/INT'L CH. Wudnshu's Noble Gift To Pentastar.

Wudnshu American Hairless Terriers: I have been involved with the sport of purebred dogs for nearly 3 decades. My involvement with the AHT spans the last 14 years beginning with exhibiting in rare breed shows to bringing the AHT to UKC and now to AKC family. My experiences include organizing and promoting the first UKC AHT club and the current AKC club, www.ahtca.com. The goal from rare breed status to full AKC breed status remains a work in progress with dedicated breeder/exhibitors. Email: terimurphy.geo@yahoo.com or on the web: http://www.ahtdogs.com/ or http://imageevent.com/wudnshu


Lynn K. Poston, Certified Breed Representative

Certified American Hairless Terrier Representative: Lynn Poston, Gr. Ch. Nekid & Kalon's Distinctly Devine and pupsThe American Hairless Terrier (AHT) is an intelligent, alert and loving companion that ranges in height from 12" to 16". They are terrier smart without be terrier maniacs and have gained loyal admirers all over the world. They thrive on attention and successfully compete in many performance events. They are good with children who respect the dog. Like other hairless breeds, the AHT comes in two varieties (hairless & coated). However, the AHT is unique. Their genetics are totally different from all the other hairless breeds. The hairless variety is completely hairless. The feel of the skin is unique and not as prone to skin issues. The hairless AHT also should have a full set of well-rooted teeth. All of which sets the breed apart.


Photo: GR CH 'PR' Nekid & Kalon's Distinctly Devine (hairless), babysitting 2 coated AHT pups. "Bette" literally burned up the show-ring, completing her championship titles VERY quickly during her short show career. The coated pups pictured with Bette grew up to become CH Kalon's WudNshu Echo and Gr CH Kalon's Echo of Love d' Nekids.


Kalon American Hairless Terriers: I've been showing dogs and using the kennel name 'Kalon' since the late 1960's. While I don't breed much, my record in the show-ring speaks for itself. I've produced numerous champions, multiple Best of Breed (BOB) winners, multiple groups winners, Best in Show (BIS) winners, Best in Specialty Show (BISS) winners and dogs that have ranked in the Top Ten (both the AKC & UKC), along with several invitations to Eukanuba.  Contact: (909) 829-4744 Email: kalons@pacbell.net or on the web: http://imageevent.com/kalon


Kari Jepson, Certified Breed Representative:

Certified American Hairless Terrier Representative: Kari Jepson and GR CH 'PR' Burway Bellridge Flying DaggersAn American Hairless Terriers makes a delightful and loving companions for all ages. Because of their wonderful soft skin, they have been very successful being placed in allergic homes. However, it is highly recommended that allergic people first do a trial visit with AHT's before making the decision to take one home. Care is minimal to the skin except for sunscreen or clothing while outdoors. AHT's should always be housedogs due to their lack of hair. The feel of the skin has been descibed as "suede". They are very intelligent and playful. AHT's excel in most dog sports because of their athletisism and willingness to please their owners. Their average size at around 12-16 lbs makes them great for easy travel or sitting in a lap! This is a naturally clean breed and their is very little smell as their skin should neither be too dry or oily. Overall, they are very healthy with few genetic health issues. AHT's will alert to strangers but aren't considered overly barky. Most people say that they are an addictive breed and it's hard to own just one!


Photo: GR CH 'PR' Burway Bellridge Flying Daggers co-bred by myself and Barbara Trammell. At only 1 year old, he is currently ranked #4 in the Top Ten AHT's in UKC for 2012.


Bellridge Kennels: Established in 1995, at which time I began raising and showing Rat Terriers before that we owned Labrador Retrievers and other gun dogs. All of our dogs are OFA certified for healthy patellas and hearts. We do not breed animals with allergies to foods or environmental allergens. We have Lifetime Placement Guarantees which means if we produced a dog, we will take it back no matter the age and re-home it.  Contact: 785-620-7144 Email: kari@bellridgekennels.com or bellridgekennels@yahoo.com the website: www.bellridgekennels.com

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