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Akita Reference


Your “place” for Akita Information, Akita photos, health, history, and Akita breeders is the world's first (1998) and most authentic reference for the Royal Dog Of Japan.


"Bucky" Ch. Gin No Taiyo Count O' Midnite - Midnite AkitasAkita Antics - and Toys

Bucky Steals Toys At Dog Shows


The Hunter, The Akita

Known as Japan's courageous hunter of mountain bear and boar. Read this short but authentic account of an actual hunt in Japan.


Akita Breeders

Certified authorities provide Akita information


Akita History

From Japan To America in 3 minutes!


Judging The Akita: Head To Tail

( - opens in a window)


Judging: Akita Temperament


Evolution Of Judging

Introduction Breeder/Judges Seminars


Do Akitas .....?

Sure they do!  Does yours?


Akita Health Problems

ACA special report by Liz Harrell, Akita Tani


Show Grooming The Akita

by Jo Ann Charnik


Akita Breed Split In England

by Meg Carpenter, International Judge


Not On My Watch! report on "that dark night."


Akita - One Breed Or Two?

by Sophia Kaluzniacki, DVM


DoYou Remember...

Bob Campbell, Okii Yubi Akitas?


Liz Harrell, Akita Tani

Mother Of The Akita Breed


My Akita Breeding Program

by Cindy Smith / Akitas CAS


The Akita Name Change

by Sophia Kaluzniacki, DVM, Breeder-Judge


AKC & Akita Club Resist Change

by Fallon, Andrews, et al


Update In The Akita World

by Sophia Kaluzniacki, DVM


The Akita With The Ribbon

Isn't The Only Winner


Genetic X Factor

Knowing this, you can become a top breeder


It's Just A Matter Of Luck

Or is it?  Maybe It's Being Blessed


ARSF Changing Purebred Rescue

Akita Rescue shares 30 years of success

Akita / Child Incident

Everyone knew it would happen.


AKC & UKC Akita Breed Standards

previous side-by-side comparison - 2008


AKC & UKC Akita Standards

current side-by-side comparison - 2015


TKC & FCI Akita Standards

International standards side-by-side


Hachiko, Legendary Loyalty

A Statue Immortalizes The Akita In Japan


The Akita Head Defined

by Francee Hamblet


Akita Club of America

formed 1956, AKC Working Group 1973 (offsite)


Hachiko, Most Famous Akita

Facts and photos by AKC Judge Lanting are why Japan immortalized the breed.


Old Dog

In memory of Ch. Bigson and all Old Dogs


Ch. Kenjiko Royal Tenji, ROMXP

Top Winning Akita, Top Producer



Ch. The Widow-Maker O'BJ,  ROMXP

#2 Akita Sire All Time, 78 AKC Chs.

grandson of Sachmo,

#1 Working Group Sire.


Top Owner Handled Akita All Time


Breeder, Owner, Handled

Bill & "BJ" Andrews, Akitas O'BJ


Just Your Average Akita

An Incredible Family Dog


Chillie, The Akita Hero

A rescue - and NY Times Headliner


Save An Akita or Scam?

You decide...


Just A Pet Or Akita Hero?

Tay-Too and a Purple Heart Veteran


Odd Habits Of Mother Dogs

Excellent whelping & litter tips


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Submit your club's history, current officers, photos, and club-related articles to Breed Editor


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