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The Royal Dog Of Japan is a substantial protector endowed with devotion and dignity.  A dog of such stature can only be represented by eminent Akita breeders who adhere to the Breed Standard.


Mike & Donna Bennett, Certified Akita Breed Representative.

Akita: CH. LIBERTY’S DELICATE QUESTION - Liberty Akitas, Mike & Donna BennettThe Akita…Large, dignified, courageous, and powerful. Wonderful adjectives describe the breed, but what is it really like to live with an Akita? An Akita is a loyal friend. He will often greet you at the door with the "akita dance", a woo woo or two, and a smiling face but only those closest to him get to see the puppy inside. To the rest of the world he is a noble protector ready to stand his ground if the need arises. This is generally not the breed for a first time dog owner. The Akita is an intelligent, independent thinker and he will quickly gain the upper hand if allowed to do so. Obedience training is a must and a great pathway to understanding the Akita mind.


Photo: CH. LIBERTY’S DELICATE QUESTION Owners: Donna & Mike Bennett. She’s by Ch. Mito’s Mugshot x Ch. Asa Taiyo’s Lone Star Sunrise. Breeders: Russell & Jill Drennan and Steve & Lana Killen.


Liberty Akitas have over 31 years of Akita experience, having shown countless Akitas to AKC championships, including multiple Specialty winners and Group placers.  Mike and Donna are members of the Akita Club of America, Heart of Texas and LoneStar Akita Clubs.  Mike is the past President of the Akita Club Of America and both are Board members of Akita Rescue of Tulsa.  Website: Phone: 918-241-3000



Lynn Morgan, Certified Akita Breed Representative

Akita: CH. GRANDSLAM's KY BREW AT MIDNITE, AOM, TT “Bourbon” Midnite Akitas, Lynn MorganAn Akita has great presence and dignity. Affectionate with family, aloof with strangers, he is a natural watchdog that seldom barks unless there’s a good reason. Akitas will live happily as an only dog or with other family dogs but they may be aggressive towards non-family dogs. Knowledgeable Akita owners understand his inherent drive to be top dog and provide early socialization and obedience training. Akitas combine courage, alertness, and extraordinary strength with endurance and dominance and a properly trained Akita is a joy to live with and a good canine citizen. An undisciplined Akita can become a bully so this is not a breed for everyone.


Photo: CH. GRANDSLAM's KY BREW AT MIDNITE, AOM, TT “Bourbon” finished with 4 majors at 9 months, completed his TT (temperament test) at 22 months and quickly soared to #3 Akita.  He's maturing like fine Kentucky bourbon.


Midnite Akitas has 18 Champions in residence, has served as officer of the ACA and other Akita clubs and all-breed Kennel Clubs.  We breed and compete on the National and International level with our Thoroughbreds in 3 Day Eventing. I am a life member of the US Combined Training Association, American Horse Shows Association, and the US Equestrian Team.  Website: Phone: 859-527-3360

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