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Toy Fox Terrier Information


Photographic record and Winners of TFT Specialty Match, judge Richard Beauchamp, Las Vegas

Toy Fox Terrier Nationals 2012

photos by Denise Monette - notes by Barbara Andrews


The American Toy Fox Terrier Club National Specialty shows were in Las Vegas this year.  Although not as highly publicized as shows on the strip, for dog lovers, it was the only show in town.


Palace Station, site of the 2012 American Toy Fox Terrier Club NationalsSeveral other breeds held specialty shows in the ballroom of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino but here’s what went down in the Toy Fox Terrier double-event Specialties.


Thursday was the The Annual Meeting, well chaired by President Cindy Enroughty.  Vicki Kerley presented immaculate Minutes and helped answer questions, notating suggestions and great ideas from the membership.  Interim Treasurer Kathy Gilliam gave a concise report on income and expenditures based on hastily assembled records.


Friday, October 12th was the big day for all three shows including Sweepstakes which was held right after the Parent Club Specialty. 


Ring StewardToy Fox Terrier exhibitors proved as energetic as their dogs, ring calls were made and thanks to our wonderful ring steward's proficiency and good humor, the day went off without a hitch.  Ring Steward Johhnie Shoemaker soothed nerves and  kept everyone organized.  By my rough count, there were over 52 Toy Fox Terriers in Competition.


The streets were still draining from tumultuous rains on Thursday but Friday morning dawned crisp and clear.  Early morning owners and handlers walking dogs breathed a sigh of relief.


Richard Beauchamp, esteemed Toy Fox Terrier Specialty judgeThe morning show began with the Parent Club Specialty judged by Richard Beauchamp, followed by Sweeps under Jamie Allen.


Rick Beauchamp also judged the first American Toy Fox Terrier Club AKC “A” Match (ref link #1) specialty at the fabulous Del Valle Kennel Club in October of 2001.


As one of the founders and major motivators towards AKC recognition, Mr. Beauchamp has been a frequent TFT Specialty judge over the years.  He is so popular among Toy Fox Terrier people that the members had to pass a motion limiting how many times a judge could be elected over a 5 year period!  What a compliment to a judge.

Barbary Go Diego, Toy Fox Terrier Winner from the BBE class


Winner’s Dog was awarded to Barbary Go Diego, Go! breeder, owner handled from the Bred By Exhibitor Class, pictured at left.


Reserve to the puppy dog, Barbary’s Lucky Number Eleven, both dogs breeder-owner-handled by Denise Monette. If my catalog is correct, there were 11 class dogs.  The same dog went Winner's Dog, BW and Best Puppy in the Back Mountain Kennel Club show on Saturday, under Mrs Florence Males.


Barbary Joan Jett, Best class Toy Fox Terrier at the NationalReserve to the Bred By Bitch, Ultra Quest Hula HulaWinner’s Bitch and Best Of Winners to Barbary Joan Jett, owned by Cheryl Bohannan and handled by her breeder, Denise Monette, with 18 bitches competing.  More than a few spectators commented on the consistency in judging.  Whether having all three events (Parent Club Specialty, Sweepstakes, and National Specialty on the same day, meaning the dogs were in consistently top form and condition was a favorite top among spectators and participants.

Reserve to the Bred By Bitch, Ultra Quest Hula Hula, bred by Kasey Mando and Rick and Mona Lilly, owned and handled by her breeder Kasey Mando who had just met the puppy for the first time!  She showed like a dream for Kasey.  Or as the lady sitting next to me whispered, "You know Kasey had horses and she can show anything!"

Toy Fox Terrier RingsideRichard Beauchamp was honored with a total breed entry of 59 and a large ring full of over 20 spectacular champions, including several nationally ranked contenders.


After methodically examining and admiring each dog, Rick proceeded to sort them out into smaller groups. He gave every handler generous time to show off their dog’s best features, then, respectful of ringside, moved each group around the ring.


By sorting the dogs into smaller groups to afford better opportunity for moving around the ring, everyone had ample opportunity to judge from ringside.  Mr. Beauchamp then had (judge) steward John Shoemaker call them all back into the ring.


Happy Winner at Toy Fox Terrier SpecialtyThe impressive entry of champions made their grand entry to huge applause which tapered of as they all lined up. You could have heard a mouse breathing as spectators went silent, in awe of so many outstanding Toy Fox Terriers in one place.  The tension mounted and then, one of the most respected TFT judges in America, made his final decision.


Best Of Breed to GCh. Barbary’s That’s So Raven, breeder Denise Monette. 

The BOB bitch, beautifully presented by Wendy Bettis for owners Linda Smith and Paula Nieto, was a crowd favorite.  Adding to her crown, Raven also won won Group 1st later in the day.


Best Opposite Sex to GCh. Ultra Quest Go For The Gold. Allen Chambers did a brilliant job with the handsome tan/white male bred by Kasey Mando and owned by Wendy Howard.  He wisely let the super sound little dog show free-posed on the floor.  And show he did!


The tan and while is a favorite of Susan McCoy, long time Toy Fox Terrier breeder, board member and mentor so it was a popular and well-deserved win.  Shown on the right performing in Agility, "Ollie" jumps through hoops (literally) for his owner Wendy who has developed a great Toy Fox Terrier that exemplifies the many talents of this breed.


Best Of Winners and Select Bitch to Barbary Joan Jett, bred and handled by Denise Monette for owner Cheryl Bohannan.  This repeated her exciting win of earlier in the day as pictured above.


Select Dog awarded to GCh. Barbary Rough ‘N Ready, also bred by Denise Monette. He was #3 TFT last year and is owned by the stand-out handling team of Charlize Sutton, Roxanne Sutton, and Jessy Sutton.



After a quick lunch, everyone re-assembled in the Palace Station ballroom for Sweepstakes


Toy Fox Terrier Specialty Sweepstakes judged by Mrs. Jamie AllenMrs. Jamie Allen, of Boston Terrier fame, is also a veterinarian and popular toy dog judge. Jamie has Toy Fox Terriers and is member of the Houston Toy Fox Terrier Club. After lunch she judged Puppy and one lovely Veteran Sweeps Bitch, Ch. Arizstar Foxhill Glamour Girl, owned and shown by Darielle Price.


Best in Sweeps to the lovely 15-18 months bitch Valcopy Strike N’ Hot, bred by Rick Lilly and Dana Plonkey and owned by Betty Cuzzolino, Dana Plonkey and Michelle Starry, with Betty Cuzzolino handling.


Best Opposite awarded to the 12-15 months dog, Pinecove’s Heart Of Jazz, bred by Linda Smith and Paula Nieto, owned by Rhonda Todd.


Tabling the Toy Fox Terrier for Judge Dillon's ExaminationThe excitement had not diminished when the American Toy Fox Terrier Club National Specialty got under way, judged by Suzanne Dillan, is a much sought-after Toy and Sporting judge, having bred well over one hundred champions and Best In Show dogs under the Brazos River prefix. As a supporter of Toy Fox Terrier since they were first admitted into AKC, she is a favorite judge among TFT exhibitors.


Winner’s Dog to Ch. Horizon’s Fortune & Fame, bred by Kasey Mando and Vickie Sizemore, shown by Vickie.


Everyone was at the Toy Fox Terrier Nationals!Reserve Winner’s to Burway’s Bing Bang Theory, bred by Felicity Trammel and Mary Anny Nunez, owned by Michael Fitch and Karena Kosco, presented by Erin Karst-Hooper.


Winner’s Bitch to the Best In Sweeps Winner, Valcopy Strike N’ Hot, bred by Rick Lilly and Dana Plonkey and owned by Betty Cuzzolino, Dana Plonkey and Michelle Starry, with Betty Cuzzolino handling.


Editor and Toy Fox Terrier friendsReserve Winner's to the morning Specialty BW and Select bitch, Barbary Joan Jett, owned by Cheryl Bohannan, breeder-handled by Denise Monette.


Enter the Champions (and soon to be Champions) well over 20 in competition, again, a spectacular ring. Ms. Dillon went to work, gently but thoroughly putting handlers and dogs through their paces. Ringside was respectfully quiet as the dogs were examined and gaited but even when the fire alarms went off, shrieking for several minutes, this ultra-steady toy terrier breed was not “alarmed” or even distracted.


When Suzanne sent them around, ringside cheered for their favorites and when she lined them up, the tension was palpable.


GCh. Barbary’s That’s So Raven and Breeder/Owner/Handler Denise MonetteBest Of Breed was an exciting repeat of the previous day's win, honors going to GCh. Barbary’s That’s So Raven, the lovely bitch bred by Denise Monette for owners Linda Smith and Paula Nieto.  Raven was handled by talented Wendy Bettis who let Denise hold her for the photo at left. 


Raven has also pleased a lot of judges, finishing 2011 as #2 TFT and she’s currently the Number One Toy Fox Terrier, for 2012, ShowSight System.  After a winning the first Specialty Group, Raven continued to pile up those end-of-year points piling by going Toy Group Second that afternoon.


GrCh Barbaru Timbuctoo was BOS to his kennel mate at the National Specialty showBOS to GCh. Barbary Timbuctoo, bred and owned by Denise Monette. Marked absent that morning, he showed his stuff that afternoon!  In the gambler's paradise, the Monette team came out the biggest winners across the board.


Best Of Winners and AOM to Valcopy Strike N’Hot, the Best In Sweeps bitch bred by Rick Lilly and Dana Plonkey and owned by Betty Cuzzolino, Dana Plonkey and Michelle Starry.


Select Dog GrCh Barbary Rough N ReadySelect Dog went to the Parent Club Specialty Select Dog, GCh. Barbary Rough ‘N Ready, bred by Denise Monette. Pictured at right, he was Select under both breed judges that day.  Even the busy carpet design couldn't obscure his perfect outline and movement.  Expertly handled by Roxanne Sutton who free stacked him throughout, he pushed hard for BOB over his kennelmate.


Select Bitch to Ch. Maldonfox Stepping Out, bred by Alex and Kelly Maldon, owned by Shirley and Jerry Peter, and brilliantly shown by Randy Winters.


National Specialty Award of Merit was designated to two dogs. GCh. Ultra Quest Go For The Gold, bred by Kasey Mando and owned by Wendy Howard, had been BOS that morning and again, handler Allen Chambers pushed for top spot.


Consistent in her judgment, Suzzane awarded Merit to her Winner’s Bitch, Valcopy Strike N’ Hot, bred by Rick Lilly and Dana Plonkey and owned by Betty Cuzzolino, Dana Plonkey and Michelle Starry, with Betty Cuzzolino handling.


Best Puppy from the regular classes went to Rick Best Bred By was the Winner’s Dog, Horizon’s Fortune & Fameand Mona Lilly’s 6 months old bitch puppy, Lilly’s Ultra Quest Island Girl, bred by them and Kasey Mando.


Best Bred By was the Winner’s Dog, Horizon’s Fortune & Fame, bred by Kasey Mando and Vickie Sizemore, shown by Vickie.


Throughout the day, the selections of all three judges were met with applause and approval. 


It was a well-received ending to a long but rewarding day. With over fifty sound, happy dogs representing a wide spectrum of breeding programs, judged by three Toy Fox Terrier authorities, what more could anyone want? Not the handy slot machines and gaming tables which couldn’t compete with Specialty Show ribbons!


UKC Judge and Toy Fox Terrier Breeder, Violet DennyOld friends reunited and many new friendships were forged.  The impressive depth of breed quality was the topic of the day, along with appropriate ooohs and ahhs as so many of the nation's top breeders showed off their accomplishments.  Violet Denny, long-time Toy Fox Terrier breeder and multi-breed UKC judge (pictured right) commented that it was well worth the trip to see so many top dogs.


American Toy Fox Terrier Club Banquet, National Specialties 2012There was just one more thing to enjoy.  A poolside feast, scrumptious barbeque and the best "ranch beans" east coast Toy Fox Terrier fans had ever tasted!  The night was nippy but clear, stars vying with helicopters taking tourists on sky tours of Las Vegas.


Getting drinks from the cash bar proved a bit challenging but the food and camaraderie more than made up for that.  Denise Monette outdid herself on the painstakingly hand crafted ring decorations and theme decorations for the banquet. 


Many exhibitors stayed for the all-breed weekend shows hosted by the Black Mountain Kennel Club. 


There were more dogs competing and some might say overall better quality than in the first-ever AKC event for Toy Fox Terriers. You can decide as you view winners and results, also judged by Richard Beauchamp, at the 1st Toy Fox Terrier Specialty Match in 2001 which was held in conjunction with the famous Del Valle KC shows.


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